6 Great Benefits Of Beer That Will Surprise You

6 Great Benefits Of Beer That Will Surprise You ebuddynews

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that comes from the fermentation of some cereals, thanks to the action of several yeasts.This well-known drink, whose origin could be traced back to the time of Mesopotamia 7,000 years ago, has accompanied all the civilizations of the history of humanity.Currently, far from being just a drink associated with leisure and fun, there are known and proven benefits of beer moderate consumption.

In this article, we share some of the extraordinary health properties of this ancient brew.

What is beer?

6 Great Benefits Of Beer That Will Surprise You ebuddynews

The basic ingredients of beer are water, barley, and hops. However, today there are many varieties based on other cereals and ingredients.

This drink, thanks to its low alcohol content, is presented as one of the healthiest options to hydrate and, in passing, obtain nutrients.

Unlike soft drinks, beer is a traditional low-calorie drink. This makes it a much healthier alternative without added sugars.

However, it should be noted that we must consume it with moderation or opt for the one that is free of alcohol.

Health benefits of beer

1. Improves cardiovascular health

The beer ingested during meals, always in moderate doses, is an effective remedy that helps us improve cardiovascular health. This drink acts positively on cholesterol levels, which can affect, to a large extent, the circulation and the heart.

  • This fermented beverage also helps reduce high blood pressure, especially the non-alcoholic variety.
  • In addition, the belief that its habitual consumption causes an increase in abdominal fat seems to be only an assumption without a scientific basis.

2. It is antioxidant

6 Great Benefits Of Beer That Will Surprise You ebuddynews

The essential oils of hops and the polyphenols contained in beer decrease the progressive oxidant degeneration of the cells. This is the consequence of the damage that free radicals cause both in our physical appearance and in our health.

  • Therefore, when drinking beer we delay premature aging and we get younger and more vital.
  • In addition, oxidation is related to the appearance of degenerative diseases, so it will also act as a remedy to prevent them.

3. Prevents osteoporosis

The silicon present in beer is an essential mineral to increase the density of bones and reduce mass loss.

Thus, moderate beer consumption can reduce the risk of fractures, improve the recovery of injuries and prevent osteoporosis.

This drink is, therefore, a good option for women. They are the ones that have a greater propensity to suffer this disease in the bones, especially from menopause. In addition, it should be noted that beer without alcohol will also provide these benefits.

4. Strengthens the immune system

6 Great Benefits Of Beer That Will Surprise You ebuddynews

Consuming beer in moderation improves the response of our immune system against microorganisms that cause some infections. In this way, we can prevent some diseases with this simple and pleasant habit.

  • By drinking a daily amount of 330 ml in women and 660 ml in men we will increase the levels of T lymphocytes.
  • These are responsible for eliminating the pathogens that cause infectious and bacterial diseases.

5. For pregnancy?

It is essential to emphasize, first of all, that a pregnant woman should not drink alcohol. For this reason, in this case, we refer only to the beer without alcohol content.

This drink may surprise us for its high moisturizing and nourishing power. Beer helps us replenish liquids while providing us with a large amount of nutrients.

In particular, its content in folic acid stands out, which is essential during pregnancy. However, it also contains other B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

6. Benefits of Beer for hair

6 Great Benefits Of Beer That Will Surprise You ebuddynews

This benefit that we quote has nothing to do with the consumption of this drink, but rather with its application. Thanks to its content of B vitamins (especially biotin) and minerals, beer has become an excellent hair conditioner.

If we apply it to our hair after shampooing and before the final rinse, we will achieve these benefits:

  • Scalp more nourished.
  • Greater brightness
  • Less frizz
  • More volume.
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