5 Tips To Kill Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure, also known as hypotension, is the low pressure with which arteries carry blood from our heart. People who have levels below 80-60 mmHg receive a much smaller torrent of blood in the brain and/or muscles, so they can get dizzy or faint in the worst case.

Although it is not considered a disease, it is important to monitor blood pressure values. For that reason, and with the aim of facilitating your task, today we bring you some tips to make it much easier to control and increase it as much as possible.

Tips for hypotension or low blood pressure

5 Tips To Kill Low Blood Pressure ebuddynews

1. Drink two liters of water spread throughout the day. Throughout the day it means from the morning until you go to sleep. It is not worth not drinking anything all day and drinking two liters of water as soon as night falls. Maintaining good hydration is vital.

2. Take showers of warm water pulling cold. Be especially careful with this: hot water can greatly reduce stress. The effects? You can suffer dizziness or something similar, take care of health and bet on cooler showers! Your tension will thank you.

3. Avoid high temperatures. High temperatures may cause hypotension. Avoid very hot places! You can also apply cold compresses on the skin or ingest water to help stabilize the pressure.

5 Tips To Kill Low Blood Pressure ebuddynews

4. Take a piece of chocolate with you always. Do you lower the pressure very often? Do not hesitate to carry a piece of chocolate in your bag or backpack! It will help you raise your blood pressure and improve your blood frequency. Two benefits in a single product, can you ask for more?

5. Do moderate exercise daily. Do sports and resistance exercises on a regular basis: your body will learn to handle all the ups and downs of blood pressure effectively. Little by little you will notice how the symptoms improve and how your life changes for the better.

What sport can I do?

5 Tips To Kill Low Blood Pressure ebuddynews

Performing resistance exercises will help you strengthen your heart and activate your circulation. You must try to activate your vascular system, and this is the best way to do it! Today we recommend a routine to give your blood pressure the nudge you need.

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