5 Early Symptoms Of Tongue Cancer

5 Early Symptoms Of Tongue Cancer

Cancer of the tongue, technically known as oral and oropharyngeal cancer, is one of the less common types of cancer.

In most cases, people with cancer of the tongue are or were smokers throughout their lives, or consumers of alcohol or alcoholics.

The statistics indicate that is more common in men than in women and in recent years has increased the number of patients diagnosed with oral and oropharyngeal cancer.

Like any disease, in its initial stage, it presents certain symptoms of tongue cancer that are indicative that something is happening. If you suspect that you are presenting with tongue cancer, here we bring you the first 5 symptoms of this pathology.

It is important to emphasize that these symptoms are the most general, they are not indicators to 100% that you are suffering from cancer.

Remember that if you have any discomfort, you should go to the doctor to perform the appropriate tests and give an appropriate diagnosis.

Risk factor’s

5 Early Symptoms Of Tongue Cancer

Just as people with a family history of diabetes may have diabetes at some time in their lives, there are factors, either in our lifestyle or diet, that may make us more likely to have cancer of the tongue.

Some of them are:

Consumption of alcohol and tobacco

This set not only makes you prone to tongue cancer, but also to many other pathologies like lung cancer, cirrhosis or stomach cancer.

Active smokers are more likely to develop cancerous cells on an oral level, as are those who consume alcohol on a regular basis.


Having a deficient diet of fruits, vegetables and vegetables weakens our immune system causing us to present health problems more frequently.

Human papillomavirus (HPV)

People affected with HPV are more prone to develop tongue cancer because this virus is directly linked to its onset and development.

Symptoms of tongue cancer

1.  Sores on the tongue

5 Early Symptoms Of Tongue Cancer

The appearance of sores, ulcers or ulcers that are really painful and difficult to eliminate with treatment is one of the first symptoms of oral or tongue cancer.

Usually, sores are painful and very annoying, but you will recognize these because they are much more sensitive and appear very frequently.

It is important not to confuse them with normal sores or oral herpes, so pay attention to the level of pain and its duration.

2. Pain

The pain caused by tongue cancer not only focuses on this area but can also radiate into the mouth in general and throat.

5 Early Symptoms Of Tongue Cancer

It can be presented in simple and everyday tasks such as drinking liquids and chewing food.
Depending on the pain, both swallowing and chewing may be an indicator of this pathology, although it may also be due to throat infections, tonsillitis or allergy.

Therefore, be very aware of the intensity of the pain and its duration.

If it lasts more than a week and presents other symptoms, such as tongue stains, the best option is to go for a medical check-up to get a diagnosis.

3. Stains on the tongue

These spots are another great indicator of being able to be suffering from tongue cancer.

They are usually white (leucoplakia) or red (eritroplakia) and last for more than two weeks. If this is your case it is important that you go to the doctor to find out what it is.

If the specialist considers it necessary to indicate a biopsy to analyze the content of the spots.

4. Bad Odor

5 Early Symptoms Of Tongue Cancer

It is very common to have a bad smell in the mouth after the previous symptoms. It can be removed by brushing, but sooner or later it will return and may be accompanied by a blood taste.

5. Blood on the tongue

Many people have to bleed in the area of the tongue and confuse it with bleeding gums or ulcers. It is very important to determine where the blood comes from.

  • Clean your tongue after eating with the help of a cotton to make sure where it comes from.
  • Also, go to a doctor if you constantly have blood in your mouth.
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