4 Best Natural Remedies For Cold Sore

4 Best Natural Remedies For Cold Sore - ebuddynews

Oral herpes is a serious health problem, as it is highly contagious. In fact, once acquired, it is impossible to eliminate the virus that generates it. However, there are some natural remedies for cold sore which help our body in the controlling them easily.

What Is Labial Herpes

Also known as oral herpes, it is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). This disease is transmitted by direct contact from person to person and through the use of contaminated objects, such as glasses or cutlery.

Generally, oral herpes usually develops in three stages:

  • The first is characterized by itching, burning, tingling, and redness of the skin of the lips or areas near them.
  • In the second stage ulcers or vesicles that contain liquid inside.
  • Finally, in the third stage said ulcers dry and produce a yellow scab. In the end, it ends up shedding as soon as the skin regenerates.

Natural Remedies For Cold Sore

According to the World Health Organization ( WHO ), in 2012 about 3700 million people under 50 already had a herpes infection.

So, it is not uncommon that at some point in our lives we become infected. Knowing this scenario, here are 4 natural remedies for cold sore.

 1. Ice Cubes

4 Best Natural Remedies For Cold Sore - ebuddynews

The herpes virus needs a warm and humid environment to reproduce. So, logically, ice is the perfect element in the control of cold sores because it cools the lesion and relieves burning in the area.

  • In early stages, the use of an ice cube on the affected region allows retarding the growth of ulcers.
  • Finally, in the third stage said ulcers dry and produce a yellow scab. In the end, it ends up shedding as soon as the skin regenerates.

How can you use ice as one of the remedies for cold sore? You need to make a good number of ice cubes because you should rub the area for 5 to 10 minutes and repeat the procedure every hour.

Although this is not a healing remedy, ice does stimulate the quick recovery of the skin. In addition, it is a very easy and economic trick.

 2. Garlic Paste

4 Best Natural Remedies For Cold Sore - ebuddynews

The properties of this food are simply spectacular. The garlic is a potent antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral because of the richness of its components.

Just because of these properties, garlic helps to cure infections efficiently and quickly. However, it is not a popular remedy because of its intense smell, but it is worth trying. Now, how can you use garlic as remedies for cold sores and also a remedy for a sore throat?

To start, you need to crush one or two cloves of garlic and place the paste on oral herpes until it is completely covered. Preferably, let the remedy stand overnight for a quick recovery. In the beginning, it will burn a little, but the sensation will decrease, along with cold sores.

However, if it is difficult for you to endure for so long, then allow the paste to act for at least 10 minutes on the ulcer. Once this time has passed you can remove and rinse the area with warm water.

 3. Water With Salt

4 Best Natural Remedies For Cold Sore - ebuddynews

Another of the effective remedies for the control of cold sores is salt. This is due to its antiseptic properties since its use contributes to the healing of small wounds.

However, it is necessary to be careful in its application: the salt has an abrasive and astringent effect. Therefore, if you want to use salt as a remedy, we recommend diluting one or two tablespoons of salt in a little water (one tablespoon).

With the help of a swab, you can apply the solution to the ulcer and let it rest for a few minutes. Then it is recommended to apply a little aloe vera to soothe the skin of the area.

 4. Lavender Oil

4 Best Natural Remedies For Cold Sore - ebuddynews

Lavender oil helps in the control of cold sores; It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. For this reason, it is used to treat various skin disorders, as well as to promote wound healing.

To use lavender oil you only need to apply one or two drops in the area, depending on the size of the ulcer and wait at least 10 minutes to feel the effect. You can also use a swab or a small ball of cotton.

It is recommended to perform a test in any other part of the body beforehand. In this way, you can rule out an allergic skin reaction and avoid complications.


Cold sores disappear on their own after a couple of weeks of the outbreak. However, the lesion can be reproduced later. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid situations of stress and manage fever. It is also important to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, as it activates the virus.

On the other hand, although these remedies are usually effective, they can sometimes cause side effects and damage the state of the injury. For this reason, we recommend you go to the medical services. This will be used to determine the most appropriate treatment or medication depending on the case.

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