Top 10 Reasons To Why You Suffer From Hair Fall

Top 10 Reasons To Why You Suffer From Hair Fall ebuddynews

Every time you bathe you think you’ll be bald … and not even talk when you brush your hair.

While it is normal for some strands to fall off the scalp this is no longer “acceptable” when we see clumps of hair in the tub, brush or pillow.

In this article, we will tell you some of the reasons why hair fall out.

When is it normal for hair to fall out?

Maybe it’s distressing for some people to have their hair fall out. However, we must know that it is not always something “bad” that we have to worry about.

It is even normal that every day we lose between 50 and 100 strands.

It is something physiological since the hair goes through different phases: growth, stabilization, and fall. Therefore, when they come off the scalp, we should understand that they are “leaving space” for new and healthy hairs.

This replacement is natural and, in most cases, the lost hair is recovered or replaced.

We should also bear in mind that at a certain time of the year the amount of hair that fall can be greater or lesser. The loss increases at the beginning of autumn, for example.

What should worry us and make us take measures is not the amount of hair that remains on the brush, but how our scalp looks.

For example, if there are “white spaces” where the hair does not grow, or if the density of the strands decreases.

Why does hair fall out? More causes

Leaving aside normal or expected fall according to the time of year, we must take into account certain factors that increase hair loss:

1. Poor diet

Top 10 Reasons To Why You Suffer From Hair Fall ebuddynews

Restrictive diets, skipping meals (especially breakfast ) and eating fast food is one of the main reasons for hair loss, among other health consequences.

A bad diet affects both our interior and our exterior and therefore, we can suffer from opaque skin and weak nails.

2. Anemia

Iron deficiency in the blood can also cause hair loss.

For example, during menstruation women reduce the amount of this nutrient and perhaps increase the strands that come off the scalp. Something similar happens with people who have anemia.

3. Drug consumption

Top 10 Reasons To Why You Suffer From Hair Fall ebuddynews

Among the side effects of many drugs and medications, we find hair loss. Pay close attention, especially if they contain beta-blockers, heparin, amphetamines or levodopa.

4. Use of chemicals

Many times the fact of “doing everything” to the hair has its downside. Even if we abuse treatments to prevent baldness.

Certain products, such as tinctures or smoothing, contain ingredients harmful to health (including ammonia) that weaken the strands and accelerate their fall.

If you drop your hair a lot, maybe you should stop dying or be becoming progressive.

5. Hormonal changes

Top 10 Reasons To Why You Suffer From Hair Fall ebuddynews

In addition to the iron deficiency that occurs in menstruating women, we must add that in those days the hormones are “revolutionized” and can wreak havoc on our scalp.

The same can happen during pregnancy, after childbirth or at menopause, and even by some disease or treatment that has changed hormone levels (for example, fertility).

6. Thyroid problems

When the thyroid gland does not work properly and its operation is slower than normal it has many health consequences.

One of them is hair fall/ hair loss. However, in this case, it does not cause “white patches” in certain areas of the head, but the loss is generalized.

The hairs are seen in the shower, on the brush or on the pillow.

7. Stress

Top 10 Reasons To Why You Suffer From Hair Fall ebuddynews

The daily problems, the obligations, the increase of tasks, the abrupt changes … Everything can cause stress. And with it, several consequences such as, for example, hair falling out.

Even until months after that time or stressful situation. We can notice more dropped strands when additional tasks have to be done (such as a year-end balance) or for some important event (a move or a wedding).

8. Little care

The hair needs some care to prevent it from falling.

If you wear very tight hairstyles with buckles and pigtails if you iron or dry with the dryer every day or if you sleep with your hair tied is more likely to be brittle and weak.

Be careful also with the use of plastic brushes with very sharp teeth and together because they damage the strands and tear off several of them in each pass.

9. Depression

Top 10 Reasons To Why You Suffer From Hair Fall ebuddynews

Believe it or not, feelings of anguish, depression or low self-esteem also have an impact on our physical and aesthetic health.

Many hair fall problem have their trigger in a trauma or emotional pain that we have not been able to release.

10. Time of the year

Although we have evolved enough from our relatives, primates still have some things in common.

The so-called “phytogenetic stigma” by dermatologists is a natural reaction of the body to adapt to changes in climate.

You can see that this happens, for example, with your pet: at some times of the year your hair fall more and does not require any treatment to avoid it.

In this way, they are cool in summer and warm in winter. Something very similar happens in the human being.

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