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Top 7 Types Of Healthy Cheeses

Top 7 Types Of Healthy Cheeses ebuddynews

Cheeses are an excellent source of calcium and proteins; some are more salty and greasy than others. Here we detail seven types of healthy and delicious cheeses for your palate.

They are delicious, versatile and are present in many of our dishes. It is an excellent source of calcium and proteins, although in some cases they have a lot of salt or fat. Therefore, in the following article, we tell you what are the most healthy types of cheese that exist. So you never miss in the fridge!

Eat cheese in moderation

Nobody can deny that cheeses are rich, they take away our appetite and are an ideal complement to our recipes. What would be for example of pasta without grated cheese? Or of the cakes without cheese gratin?

This milk derivative is a good source of calcium, as well as proteins and amino acids (including tryptophan), which is why it is recommended at any age. However, since not everything is perfect in this life, it also provides calories and sodium. For this reason, we should consume it moderately.

Top 7 Types Of Healthy Cheeses ebuddynews

In its just measure cheeses are beneficial for health. Of course, the healthiest is the most natural and least processed. And in many cases that contain more or less salt, it depends on the manufacturer, rather than on the type of cheese.

If for example, you are dieting to lose weight you should remember that fresh ones have less fat and less salt than cured ones. Even in stores, you can find them without sodium or low in calories.

On the other hand, cheeses made from sheep’s milk or goat’s milk are usually healthier than those made with cow’s milk. The reason is this: our digestive system can better assimilate its nutrients. In addition, they contain more nutrients and vitamins.

At the same time, we should not ignore the fact that most cheeses are made with cow’s milk that has been treated with hormones and fed artificially (with grains and not with grass).

That’s why the healthiest types of cheeses are always those that come from a family field or from an organic company.

What are the most healthy types of cheese?

Many times when we diet we convert them into the main enemies due to their calories or sodium. However, there are some types of cheese healthier than others. It is worth knowing what they are to add (in small quantities) to our daily diet. We recommend the following:

1. Cottage cheese

Top 7 Types Of Healthy Cheeses ebuddynews

Also known as Ricota or Ricotta, it contains many proteins, vitamins A and B, and zinc. It is also low in sodium and can be low in fat. The cottage cheese is obtained after the second processing of the whey. It is white, granular and white texture, and has a mild flavor. It can be used for both salty and sweet dishes. In Italy, it is one of the most used to fill pasta.

2. Pecorino Romano

Top 7 Types Of Healthy Cheeses ebuddynews

It is another of the healthiest types of cheese and is produced with sheep’s milk. It is hard, salty and original from Lazio (Italy). It is used frequently in sauces and gratins. It is often used grated in pasta and is the saltiest of the pecorinos (Tuscan and Sardinian).

3. Cottage

Top 7 Types Of Healthy Cheeses ebuddynews

It is made with the curd of cow’s milk and may have more or less fat according to the manufacturer. It is available in different presentations: creamy, smoothie, without sodium or without lactose. It has many proteins and other nutrients, such as calcium, selenium, and phosphorus. One cup of cottage cheese equals 28 grams of protein. It is very interesting if you are looking to lose weight.

4. Parmesan

Top 7 Types Of Healthy Cheeses ebuddynews

Another of the healthier types of cheese that come from Italy, more precisely from Parma (hence the name). Hard and granular consistency is made from cow milk of frizona or reggiana breeds. The storage time should not be less than one year. The richest are those who have been parked for 3 years.

Although it is believed that it only serves for pasta or soups,  the Parmesan can be served as a starter or dessert cut into cubes and accompanied by cold cuts or fruits. In its country of origin, it is recommended to pregnant women, the elderly, children and athletes. Finally, it is worth noting that digests much better than any other cheese.

5. Aged cheddar

Top 7 Types Of Healthy Cheeses ebuddynews

Being lactose intolerant can be a problem and an annoyance since many dishes nowadays are made with dairy products (including cheeses of all types). The good news is that aged cheddar is one of the healthiest cheese types and it does not have as much lactose. You can consult with a professional to know if it is suitable or to prove it yourself.

6. Feta

Top 7 Types Of Healthy Cheeses ebuddynews

It is produced mostly with goat and sheep’s milk. The flavor of this salty cheese is unique. It has crumbly and creamy texture. If you want to consume the real feta you must choose products made in Greece. There are also Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Danish versions of very good quality. It is used in salads combined with olive oil, tomatoes, and cucumber. It’s perfect for summer.

7. Panela

Top 7 Types Of Healthy Cheeses ebuddynews

This fresh, white and soft product made with pasteurized cow’s milk is one of the healthiest types of cheese available. It is usually served as an appetizer in small pieces and has the particularity of absorbing other flavors such as for example, garlic. It has many proteins and to make it healthy we must choose a version with low sodium and low fat.

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