Top 5 Reasons To Stop Intake Of Sugar For Good Health

Top 5 Reasons To Stop Intake Of Sugar For Good Health - ebuddynews

That sugar is unhealthy is well known. But what exactly happens when you eat sugar? The answer to this complex question is still being researched in depth by doctors and scientists. There are, however, some well-defined data. 

Our body gets the energy it requires from three main nutrients: fat, protein, and carbohydrates made up of sugar molecules. The important thing is to make the difference between simple carbohydrates (for example, sweets and common sugar) and complex carbohydrates, present, for example, in whole grains and vegetables. 

When we talk about unhealthy sugar, we generally refer to regular sugar and simple carbohydrates from candy and flour. Complex carbohydrates are metabolized in a completely different way and are adequate and healthy energy providers. You should know the reasons why to stop your intake of traditional sugar in any case. 

Reasons To Stop Intake Of Sugar

sugar Makes You Fat

All carbohydrates are first broken down into their constituent elements. The only element present after this process is glucose. This substance is metabolized with the help of the hormone insulin. Insulin ensures the supply of sugar to cells in the form of energy. 

Excessive sugar consumption alters the insulin level in the blood, quickly taking it to high levels. It will secrete the more sugar you eat, the more insulin. This phenomenon is detrimental for two main reasons.

On the one hand, this hormone reduces fat burning. On the other hand, the amount of sugar in the blood drops rapidly to minimal levels due to spikes in insulin. The consequences are repeated bouts of sugar hunger. In this way, you will enter a vicious circle that causes you to eat sugar constantly, thus considerably raising your daily caloric intake.

Sugar Is Addictive

This hormone of happiness improves mood and arouses feelings of happiness, unfortunately in a limited way. It causes the vicious circle mentioned above to appear whereby you need to eat more and more sugar. Sugar consumption leads to increased dopamine production in the brain’s reward system. Once the effects wear off, the brain will ask for more. 

Sugar Is Bad For Health

It is nothing new. Being overweight, type 2 diabetes, and cavities are the most well-known dangers of excessive sugar consumption. Recent studies have also shown that concentrated fructose favors the formation of invisible and unhealthy fat that accumulates between and around the organs. Isolated fructose, used for its sweetness in the production of fruit drinks and sweets, also hinders the production of leptin, a hormone responsible for the feeling of satiety.

Sugar Does Absolutely Nothing For Your Body

Throughout evolution, the various types of sugar were vital energy sources. Today, the situation is quite different. Your body can make glucose from various healthy energy sources, which is why it doesn’t need any supplemental sugar intake. Sweets, soft drinks, wheat flour, and company do not provide any added nutritional value from a physiological point of view. 

Sugar Ages Skin

If you eat too much sugar at one time, your body won’t be able to turn it all into energy. The excess sugar molecules will bind to the proteins responsible for your skin’s elasticity—the consequences are unflattering wrinkles.

These sugar and protein bonds, in turn, bind to the receptors of immune cells, thus favoring the appearance of inflammation and the worsening of blood circulation in the skin. Bottom line: the more sugar you eat, your complexion will worsen. 

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