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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Cherries You Need To Know

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Cherries You Need To Know - ebuddynews

The cherries are delicious, and the season has already started to be able to enjoy them. Next, we talk about the ten health benefits of cherries that will surprise you.

Eating tasty and pleasant cherries is not only a pleasure. Did you know that this fruit may help prevent insomnia or obesity? You should also nourish your body with antioxidants. And many other beneficial compounds for health with them. We give you ten compelling reasons why you should not forget to put cherries in the shopping cart.

Health Benefits Of Cherries

1. Help You Sleep Better

Cherry juice is the solution for insomnia problems. It is Due to its high melatonin content. Drinking cherry juice thirty minutes after waking up and thirty minutes before going to bed improves sleep also avoids annoying jet lag when traveling.

2. Protect You Against Diabetes

Cherries have a low glycemic content, which is much lower than that of other fruits such as apricots or grapes. Being a fruit low in sugar, it is suitable for people with diabetes.

3. Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

The American Alzheimer’s Association includes cherries par the foods. They are beneficial for memory, thanks to their high content of antioxidants.

Good For Weight Loss - ebuddynews

4. Good For Weight Loss

Recent studies have shown that consuming cherries in your diet. It will make you gain less weight than if you don’t take them.

5. Stops Skin Aging

The highest levels of antioxidants are available in Cherry fruits. These compounds help the body to fight free radicals, which make usage.

6. Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attack

A bowl of cherries contains excellent cardiovascular benefits. Anthocyanins, which cherries their red color, could activate the PPAR protein that regulates genes responsible for fat and glucose metabolism. And reducing high cholesterol, blood pressure, also diabetes risk factors. In addition to their antioxidant properties, cherries contain flavonoids. They are the coloring pigments that give them their characteristic color and share them with other fruits and vegetables. They help reduce cardiovascular risk. In addition, other properties of this fruit act in the same line. By promoting the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides, they also promote the proper functioning of the heart.

7. Reduce Muscle Pain

A cup of cherry juice reduces muscle inflammation., according to a study. As a result, Marathon runners typically drink cherry juice twice a day the week before running to avoid these discomforts.

Lower risk of gout attacks - ebuddynews

8. Lower Risk Of Gout Attacks

A study at Boston University of 633 gout patients says eating cherries could cut the risk of gout attacks by thirty-five percent.

9. Help Relieve Arthritis

There is a study that pain decreased in women ages 40 to 70 who drink cherry juice twice a day for three weeks were not affected by arthritis.

10. A Natural Anti-Aging

The antioxidants mentioned and its fruit are rich in trace elements and mineral salts such as iron, calcium, and, above all, potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, and cobalt. These components give them important properties and invigorating. They also promote good blood circulation. The vitamins provided by the fruit also directly reflect the skin, including A and C. Cherries act as a natural toner and help prevent skin cell aging. They act as a natural anti-cellulite.


The best time to consume cherries and take advantage of all their nutrients and flavor is from May to July. We can use them in preparations such as cherry gazpacho, in salads, or in sauces to accompany meats. As for sweet preparations, they are especially interesting for preparing ice creams and light meals. A bowl of yogurt, whole grains, and nuts accompanied by this fruit is a healthy and delicious option for any time of the day.

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