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Is Popcorn Healthy Snack?

Is Popcorn Healthy Snack? - eBuddy News

The popcorn, made from corn grain, whole grain and are therefore a source of complex carbohydrates to the body. However, depending on the preparation we find many types of this snack.  Therefore we ask ourselves, is popcorn healthy snack?

Home Vs. Movie Popcorn


The popcorn that we usually enjoy while watching a movie, can be a very healthy option. It can be a healthy option as long as we make them at home, either in a pan, in a microwave, or in the same made in machines that are on the market today.

In these cases, it recommended using extra virgin olive oil or canola oil to pop the corn kernels and make our popcorn. This is because of as they are of vegetable oils with quality fats for the organism. Also, the best advisable thing is not to add salt or sugar to the preparation. We can rather enjoy them as such or, with fresh herbs or spices if we wish.

Is Popcorn Healthy? - eBuddy News

In this way, popcorn an excellent source of fiber and complex carbohydrates, satiate easily.  They also provide polyphenols with an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect in our body. This concluded in a study in the journal Antioxidants and answers your question that is popcorn healthy to be taken as a snack.


Is Popcorn Healthy at Cinema Theatres?

Movie Popcorn - eBuddy News

On the contrary, the popcorn that we find in the cinema loaded with calories, salt, and sugar. The kind avaliable in cinemas contains an enormous amount of added sugars, up to 2.6 grams of sodium in the largest options and more than 1000 Kcal. This reported by experts of The American Heart Association.

Commercial alternatives, such as cinema, have reduced nutritional quality, with sodium, sugar and excess calories. Therefore, we recommend avoiding the consumption of popcorn made in movie theatres.

In addition, in the cinema, they can use low quality fat.  So, in addition to the above, the snack can be a source of trans fat.

So, the homemade popcorn, without added sugar or sodium and cooked in good quality oil, is a healthy snack. We recommend eating in the usual diet.  While if we go to commercial alternatives such as movies, we can not say what same but on the contrary, they have a very reduced nutritional value.  Due to fewer sugars and sodium, we advise avoiding their consumption.

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