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Eight Best High Fiber Foods Low In Carbs

Eight Best High Fiber Foods Low In Carbs - ebuddynews

The diets low in carbohydrates or low carb, like keto or ketogenic, promote weight loss and other objectives through reducing carbohydrate foods. We already know that well planned. They can effectively lose weight or lose fat, but raising a correct balance is difficult precisely because of its limitations. That is why it is essential to include foods that provide adequate amounts of essential nutrients such as fiber or antioxidant vitamins, primarily present in local products in these diets. Read on to know some of the best high-fiber foods that are low in carbs.

Remember that the ketogenic diet seeks to induce ketosis in the body, producing ketone bodies, replacing glucose as the primary energy source. Therefore, we must reduce the number of ingested carbohydrates. Reduce consumption below 50 g per day, depending on each case. The diet, mainly based on fat and, to a lesser extent, protein.

It means that products rich in carbohydrates or simple sugars are practically prohibited. And foods that are a source of healthy carbohydrates, such as legumes, whole grains, or the vast majority of fruits and vegetables.

Principal Risks Of Keto Diet

Principal Risks Of Keto Diet - ebuddynews

Lack of fiber and antioxidant vitamins are the main risks involved in the Keto diet. No one will miss that those restricted foods on a keto diet recommend consuming daily to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle under normal conditions. That is why one must remember that this type of pattern entails certain risks. We must always correctly plan according to the needs of each person under professional supervision.

Simple weight loss shouldn’t be the sole ultimate goal of a diet, especially if the health of the body suffers. The ideal is to acquire new habits that last a lifetime, with an adequate long-term diet, avoiding rebound effects. That is why it is not enough to leave carbohydrates aside and eat only fat: we risk suffering from a deficiency of essential nutrients.

The lack of fiber and antioxidant vitamins is one of the significant handicaps of a low-carb diet. Professionals recognize such as Virginia Gómez, a dietitian-nutritionist specialized in the digestive field. To not interrupt ketosis and achieve an adequate intake of these nutrients, it is essential to consider the best natural sources with the lowest sugar content.

High Fiber Foods Low In Carbs

High Fiber Foods - ebuddynews

It is a bit complex trying to summarize the different types of carbohydrates that exist and their differences. In general, it is easy to distinguish between the so-called simple (like added sugar) and complex (whole grains). The labels usually show the total grams of carbohydrates, broken down into carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber. We really should talk about carbohydrates, but the general population, for now, better understands more outdated terms like carbohydrates or carbohydrates.

Dietary fiber is those carbohydrates that pass along the digestive tract without being digested. We all know they play an essential role in the health of the body, especially the digestive tract, to prevent diseases like cancer. In addition, high fiber foods which low in Carbs are more filling and help in weight loss, and make it easier to avoid constipation.

Suppose we eliminate most of the cereals and legumes in the keto diet. In that case, the best source of high fiber foods that are in low carbs will be the nuts, seeds, and fruits, and vegetables already mentioned for their antioxidant content. We reproduce again the information shared by Virginia Gómez for those who want more specific information, remembering that, in general, they are foods. We consume in small quantities.

Some Foods That High Fiber Low In Carbs

1. Aguacate

Aguacate having 6.3 g of fiber, 0.4 g of carbohydrates. Being one of the most appreciated foods in low-carbohydrate diets and excellent nutritional quality for ketogenic, with a high percentage of healthy fats and very few carbohydrates, is good. But as a fruit, it is also a source of fiber and minerals, and vitamins. Keto recipes with avocado as the star are, for example, salmon and egg fillings or mayonnaise.

2. Pistachios

Pistachios having 6.5 g of fiber, 15.7 g of carbohydrates. Peeled and chopped are different and very tasty topping that also adds color and combines very well with cheese.

Some Foods and The Carbohydrate Content - ebuddynews

3. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds having 27 g of fiber in 29 g of total carbohydrates (with 1-2 g of sugars). While they do not have the gelling power of chia, they can use them like adding a handful in all kinds of recipes. Golden or dark, flax is almost pure fiber. It is a source of vegetable fats and proteins, which will pass entirely through the digestive system if we do not pulverize the seeds or chew them.

4. Oat Bran

Oat bran having15 g of fiber in 66 g of total carbohydrates (with 1.5 g of sugars). It can be included in low-carb bread and cookie doughs or consumed with yogurt or beaten cheese, protein shakes, or soaked with milk.

5. Groundnuts

Groundnuts 7-8 g of fiber, 7.9 g of carbohydrates. Like all nuts, we can take them alone as a snack or snack, add them to savory recipes as a dressing, or include them in healthy bakery and pastry doughs. We also can consume them in the form of butter or cream, homemade or commercial, as long as it is 100% natural.

6. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds having 34-38 g of fiber in 42-44 g of total carbohydrates. A large percentage of the hydrates in this seed is in the form of fiber. They are also rich in polyunsaturated fats and also add proteins. The easiest way of their consumption is in the form of pudding, taking advantage of its gelling power, or in keto versions of bread, cookies, and rolls.

7. Almonds

Almonds having 8.3 g of fiber, 6.2 g of carbohydrates. Whole and lightly toasted, they are a perfect snack for eating something between meals. In flour, we can make cereal-free fitness versions of many doughs, such as cakes, bread, or cookies.

8. Nuts

Nuts having 5.2 g of fiber, 3.3 g of carbohydrates. Very rich in healthy fats, they also provide us with fiber and vitamins. They can be used like almonds, ground into flour, substituting hazelnut in recipes like this one, or an aperitif or a dressing.

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