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Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes Of Healthy Breakfast

Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes Of Healthy Breakfast

In recent years it has been noticed the importance of eating a good quality healthy breakfast every day since this is the first source of energy and nutrients that we provide to the body after completing the rest period.

However, there are still several trends and bad habits that prevent many from enjoying the benefits it must bring.

And is that, although everything depends on the metabolism and intolerances of each, nutritionists agree that it must contain carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and proteins.

The problem is that many continue to eat poor quality foods, rich in sugars, refined flours and other ingredients that do not meet the nutritional requirements of the body.

For this reason today we want to reveal those 8 common mistakes of healthy breakfast that everyone should start avoiding so as not to spoil the goodness of healthy breakfast.

1. Skip breakfast

Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes Of Healthy Breakfast

Omitting breakfast is a habit that has no benefits for the body. Although many think that this way they save a few calories, the truth is that it may be influencing weight gain.

It is proven that those who skip breakfast have more anxiety the rest of the day and tend to exceed their calorie consumption.

And is that, although many ignore it, a suitable breakfast in quantity and quality brings more energy to the body and starts the metabolism to run at a good pace throughout the morning.

2. Only eat coffee and cookies

The efforts to go to work or start with the work of the morning make many replace a breakfast of good quality for a couple of cookies with coffee.

Meals so light only disguise hunger and do not guarantee the coverage of the nutrients required at this early stage of the day.

3. ingest it too late

Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes Of Healthy Breakfast

This first meal should be consumed before the first hour after waking, as during this time the body increases its physical activity, brain functions and other mechanisms that require nutrients to work in optimal conditions.

By not meeting these needs soon, the stomach increases its production of acids and creates a sensation of pain and discomfort; In addition, it sometimes causes blood sugar levels to decrease.

4. Skip carbohydrates and fiber

Leaving out foods that provide carbohydrates and fiber is a frequent mistake.

What few know is that these are the ones that bring the most energy to the body, so they must occupy an important part of this food.

Both can be found at:

  • The cereals
  • Tubers
  • Whole grains
  • The fruits
  • The vegetables

5. Eat lots of sweet and fats

Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes Of Healthy Breakfast

Because they are energy sources, both sweets and fats are needed within a balanced diet.

However, their consumption should be moderate, since excesses are a potential cause of obesity and chronic pathologies such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

In these cases, it is best to opt for the popular healthy fats found in foods such as:

  • The olive oil
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fish
  • The avocado

6. Do not include fruits

Fruits are one of those foods that should not be missing in any diet plan. These are the best source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other high-quality nutrients that bring you incredible benefits to physical and mental health.

Incorporating one or two servings at breakfast makes it easier to comply with the recommendation of eating at least five pieces in the day.

7. Exceeding with quantities

Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes Of Healthy Breakfast

Just as light breakfasts can carry several consequences, excesses also have their negative things.

This can lead to indigestion and various discomforts that interrupt the journey. In addition, over time the stomach tends to increase in size and may lead to overweight or obesity.

8. Craving

Digestion is difficult to eat when eating because the food is not chewed properly and usually goes too much air to the stomach.

The best advice is to eat the meals in a quiet environment without distractors, spending at least 20 minutes.

Do you identify any of these errors? If you feel that you are committing them, you better start correcting them so you will not have any inconveniences later.

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