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5 Best Refreshing Healthy Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

5 Best Refreshing Healthy Non-Alcoholic Cocktails - eBuddy News

This summer announced with heat and to fight it we need to keep well hydrated. Alcoholic beverages are enemies of that hydration and the best we can do is avoid them especially in these hot months. However, this does not mean that we have to give up cocktails necessarily. Therefore, we can make them without alcohol and in a refreshing way. Of course, most of these cocktails are juices, so we must remember not to abuse them. Read on to know about the healthy non-alcoholic cocktails that are refreshing and change your mood.

Best Healthy Non-Alcoholic CockTails to Refresh You

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple - eBuddy News

Surely you have heard about this healthy non-alcoholic cocktails without alcohol and is that his name is owed to the well-known Hollywood actress. The recipe is simple and the preparation has no difficulty or requires a large number of utensils. Of course, the idea is to make it in a tall glass and mix it well. For this, it is a good idea to have a specific spoon for cocktails in a way that makes our work easier.

The Necessary Ingredients:

35 ml of grenadine, 14 ml of squeezed lemon juice, 14 ml of squeezed lime, 85 ml of soda – you can also use sparkling water – and two cherries if we like them.

How to Make it

The first step is to mix the lemon and lime juices with the grenadine in a tall glass. Later, we will add the ice and the soda and we will finish filling the glass. Simply mix it well using the braided spoon, garnish with the two cherries and ready to consume.

Pineapple Colada

Pineapple Colada - eBuddy News

Along with the mojito, the piña colada is one of the most consumed Non-Alcoholic Cocktails in summer and it is not surprising, as it is refreshing, sweet and has a smell that makes one think of the beach and the terrace nights. This cocktail has the advantage that you can consume virgin and it is just as good.

Ingredients Used:

300 ml of pineapple juice, 125 ml of milk – you can choose the one you like, although I recommend the coconut – and ice to taste.


To make this cocktail we will need a blender or electric blender that will facilitate the mixing of ingredients. Blend all the ingredients together, until there is a homogeneous mixture and, voila!

San Francisco

San Francisco - eBuddy News

San Francisco is one of that best-known Non-Alcoholic Cocktails and is usually consumed with alcohol. However, we can make it without alcohol and it will be equally delicious.


40 ml of pineapple juice, 40 ml of orange juice, 30 ml of grenadine, 30 ml of lemon juice and crushed ice.


This cocktail has very accurate measurements. To help us with them, we can choose to use a cocktail meter. Afterward, in a shaker, we introduce all the well-measured juices and ice and shake. Then we add the grenadine and we return to shake. This way we will have it ready to consume.

Little Pink Pearl

Little Pink Pearl - eBuddy News


Not only is it fresh and delicious, but it is also very eye-catching, exotic and the most fun Non-Alcoholic Cocktails. If we have visitors this summer we will not leave you indifferent with a Litlle Pink Pearl. For perfect preparation, good ingredients are not enough, but we have to make sure we use an adequate shaker.


56 ml of squeezed red grapefruit juice, 23 ml of squeezed lime, 14 ml of almond syrup, a slice of grapefruit and ice.


The first thing we should do is to cool down the glass in which we are going to consume the cocktail. Mix well in a shaker with ice until half, grapefruit juice, syrup and lime juice. The right thing to do is to shake well until the shaker is cold on the outside. Then we decorate in the glass that we have chosen.

Mojito Virgin

Mojito Virgin - eBuddy News

For a while now I have stopped drinking alcohol, but what I do not intend to give up is a mojito during this summer. For this, I will prepare them at home without alcohol.  Mojito Virgin is one of the best healthy non-alcoholic cocktails.


60 g of lime, 3 g of mint, 150 ml of sparkling water and a little sweetener if desired.


The first step is to place mint and three slices of lime in the bottom of a glass. Subsequently, add the sweetener if desired and grind everything with a cocktail mortar, until we get the file release the juice well. To finish, we add crushed ice and sparkling water. We remove and ready to consume.

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