X-men: Dark Phoenix Rewritten Daily While The Cast Was On Set

X-men: Dark Phoenix Rewritten Daily While The Cast Was On Set

Dark Phoenix Rewritten Causes Delay of Release

Dark Phoenix Rewritten daily multiple times.  The script was combined with multiple re-recordings.  It made clear from the start that there were some serious problems with Simon Kinberg’s movie.

Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain - eBuddy News

Cast members Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain revealed they are forced to hear more about these issues in the coming weeks. The writer and the director were constantly rewriting the script said the cast. So, This is not a good omen for any great blockbuster. Turner finally revealed that Simon and I sat for two hours every day and only reviewed each page of the script.  He added that he was rewriting himself all the time.

Condemned To Failure of X-Men: Dark Phoenix

It’s hard to say why an actress with no history of writing movies would get involved in the script modification. Chastain added that Kinberg was coming home to continue the changes.

Simon-Kinberg - eBuddy News

Simon Kinberg at arrivals for The National Board of Review Gala Honoring the 2015 Award Winners – Part 2, Cipriani 42nd Street, New York, NY January 5, 2016. Photo By: Derek Storm

“You could have a conversation about that and, the next morning, Simon would come to work and say, ‘Hey, I wrote some pages that I think might be interesting for this direction we’re going.'”

None of that sounds like a particularly healthy approach to film.

Ultimately, it also explains why Dark Phoenix of the X-Men Series is ​​a mess. It indicates that Kinberg did not have much faith in the script. He originally wrote what probably approved by the studio.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Rewritten daily but already found in all movie theaters.

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