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With $22.4 million Candyman Tops The Weekend Box Office

Our Nia DaCosta’s the Candyman continues to tops the win big in the weekend box office race, despite fears that the delta variant will scare viewers away. After opening solid last Friday, the Candyman took the top spot for the entire weekend with $ 22.4 million, an impressive mark for a movie that cost just $ 25 million to produce.

Produced by Jordan Peele, The Candyman brings back the black horror icon that debuted in 1992 in a film directed by Bernardo Rosa. As in the first movie, the new Candyman uses horror to discuss racism and the representation of blacks in the United States, helping to attract more than horror fans to theatres. Peele’s last two films, Salt and Us, also did a fantastic job using the language of horror to discuss social issues. So have your name attached to the candyman, a producer he probably helped with the box office success. Candyman also made another $ 5.23 million internationally, for a total of $ 27.6 million.

Coming out second is Free Boy. Starring Ryan Reynolds as a self-aware NPC who must save his digital world, the summer hit remains firm in its third week. It is bringing another $ 13.6 million home at the domestic box office. Unlike other recent Disney releases, Free Boy was released exclusively in theatres due to previous deals made by 20th Century Fox before House of the Mouse bought it. So far, Free Boy grossed $ 79 million in the US and $ 179 million globally. Compared to last weekend with a box office reduction, it’s got just 27%; it doesn’t seem like the movie is stopping early.

Paw Patrol comes in third place at the box office this weekend. While the film sold more tickets than expected, its box office is far more modest than the weekend’s top two spots, with $ 6.6 million added nationally. So far, Paw Patrol has grossed $ 24 million in the US and Canada. Another top-five contender from Disney has for the weekend, as Jungle Cruise is still running five weeks after its premiere. With $ 5 million added to the domestic box office, Jungle Cruise reached $ 100.1 million in the US and as well as also in Canada and $ 187 million globally. The rounding of the weekend numbers is here don’t Breathe 2, the sequel to the 2016 horror hit that just added another $ 2.8 million to its domestic box office of $ 24.5 million.

Even if a simulcast on-air release can help viewers catch the latest blockbusters from the safety of their homes. An exclusive theatre window holds up far better than a hybrid release. Movies like CandyMan, Free Boy, and Paw Patrol open louder than anticipated and stay several solid weeks after release also stood tops in the weekend box office. They consider that long-awaited movies like Black Window faced a big drop at the box office after the first week. The latest results could affect how the big studios deal with their highest-grossing releases in the future. It is no coincidence that Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will have a 45-day window of theatrical exclusivity.

With $22.4 million Candyman Tops The Weekend Box Office
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