Things To Know About Avatar 2 So Far

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Avatar 2 is a fact. In case you don’t remember, Avatar was released in 2009 and told the story of a human group that invaded a moon called Pandora to exploit its natural resources. The problem is that it was inhabited by blue creatures who were unhappy that these men would like to rob them and destroy their houses.

It has been years since Cameron released the first Avatar. However, that is not exactly a problem. Making the first one took over a decade to finish. The result was better than everyone expected, so the years of waiting have only served to have even better effects and a more epic story than the original.

Once the director got the green light for the project (and this sequel is just the beginning), he got to know things about Avatar 2 and started moving quickly. It looks like the whole lot is happening according to plan for the reason that the director shared an image of the huge film set to publicize the ‘end of filming.’ The image does not contain any spoilers, but it clearly shows the project is huge.

The first film shattered previous records at the box office by grossing over $2 billion worldwide, also garnering multiple Oscar nominations and taking home awards for special effects, art direction, and cinematography. As a result, it is true that Deep down, we all knew that Cameron had not finished telling the story. When ‘Endgame’ managed to break his record, the director did as to expectations. He, therefore, announced that he would not just make a sequel. However, he had several films prepared in the world of Pandora.

James Cameron has already finished filming the first sequel and is getting ready to do other installments. Further, it is only a short time before production begins on the subsequent one. In 2017 he revealed that he had plans to do at least four more movies, but that would depend on the success of Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, which the audience has confirmed only at the moment.

Here are what things have to know about Avatar 2:

What Things To Know About Avatar 2?

There are few details regarding the story, but it is believed that the second part will take place about eight years after the original film’s events. In an interview with the media, Cameron spoke about a ‘marital dispute‘ between the major protagonists Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).

He shot that from the viewpoint of his eight-year-old daughter.

Cameron said there was a ‘three-page argument scene’ between Jake and Neytiri on a marital dispute. It was incredibly critical to the story. He completed the shooting of the whole thing based on the viewpoint of an 8-year-old girl hiding under the structure and sneaking out for a quick look. Having been through the experience with Sam Worthington on ‘Avatar,’ he at the moment knew how to put his pen to paper to mold the character of Jake on the emotional journey of the next four movies. It has been tough on him. He has done two movies in a row, whereas they did ‘2 and 3’ collectively. He had to go to some shadowy places.

The same director said that this would be a kind of family saga.

When It Premieres?

So far, Avatar 2 has a release date of December 16, 2022.

Which Is The Title?

Cameron has not officially confirmed anything. However, a leak says it reveals that the film’s title is ‘Avatar.’ Avatar gives the meaning as ‘The Way of Water.’ The same director has confirmed the theme is one of the possibilities, but they have however to decide it.

The Cast:

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are back for this and the next movie, and while she died in the first, Sigourney Weaver is also said to be returning in some capacity as Dr. Grace Augustine in at least Avatar 2. (James Cameron explained that no one dies in science fiction).

Besides the above on the ‘returning main characters,’ other actors will return for ‘Avatar 2.’ Dileep Rao played ‘Dr. Max Patel, one of the scientists on the Avatar show, comes to Jake Sully’s aid. Joel David Moore will return to the role of Norm Spellman, a character of ‘another friend of Sully’ and the only human allowed to remain on Pandora after their kick-out at the end of the first film.

CCH Pounder will return as the spiritual leader of the Na’vi, Mo’at. Further, it is as well that although he also died, we observe that Matt Gerald would return as Lyle Wainfleet.

How Long Is The Movie?

Cameron has already confirmed that the film will be over three hours long. Cameron has already put the Band-Aid on before the injury, stating that he doesn’t want anyone complaining about the length of when they sit and watch TV for eight hours. He’s seen his kids sit down and watch five one-hour episodes in a row.

Avatar 2 Trailer Is Here:

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