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Small Brief History Of Susan Wojcicki

Do you know the history of Susan Wojcicki? She is a media personality and technology executive. She has done amazingly well in the media industry. She is known for being among the founding members of one of the world’s most significant search engines – Google. She was the mastermind behind Google’s acquisition of YouTube and currently serves as its CEO.

We also have to note that her contribution to the media industry has not gone unnoticed. Susan has accumulated several accolades over the years. It includes being ranked 6th among the most prominent women according to Forbes in 2017. And Fortune has listed her as the 10th most influential woman in 2018.

Biography of Susan Wojcicki

History of Susan Wojcicki saying that she is an American of Polish origin born on July 5, 1968, in California, the USA. Her full name is Susan Diane Wojcicki, and her parents raised her. Esther Wojcicki’s mother was a language teacher, journalist, and vice-chair of the Creative Commons advisory board. On the other hand, her father, Stanley Wojcicki, taught Physics at Stanford University in California, USA.

Susan Wojcicki has two amazing siblings: Jack Wojcicki, a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Epidemiology. Anne Wojcicki, her sister, is a business executive who runs her own genomics company in California called 23andMe.


Research on Susan Wojcicki’s education and background shows that she attended Gunn High School, located in Pato Alto. During her days, she developed her writing skills: writing for the school-owned newspaper. Upon graduation from high school, Susan attended Harvard University, graduating with a BA in History and Literary Studies in 1990. Later, she earned a dual MA, one in Economics from the University of California and another in Business Administration. from UCLA Anderson School of Management.


The technology executive started his career when he began working for RB Webber & Company and Bain & Company as a management consultant and as a marketing staff for Intel Corporation in California. In 1998, the same year Google was founded, its pioneers, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Then they met with Susan Wojcicki and applied to hire their Menlo Park garage as their office. Subsequently, Susan Wojcicki joined the growing Google team and became the first person to lead Google’s marketing department.

Susan Wojcicki continued to work with the team and became the senior vice president of the Advertising and Commerce department. Furthermore, Susan Wojcicki pioneered the YouTube video sharing platform. Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen created this platform. It was becoming one of the leading competitors in the market. Additionally, it initiated the DoubleClick purchase agreement, which ranking was as Google’s most expensive acquisition. It has a value of $ 3.1 billion as of 2007.

Family life

Moving on to her family life, we know that the tech executive has dual citizenship. She was born in the US but is originally from Poland. Further, we may note that her grandfather was a political figure during the 1940s in Poland.

Susan Wojcicki has been married to Dennis Troper since 1998, and after her marriage, she has five children. The tech executive has done a wonderful job in her aspect of life. She is the CEO of one of the largest video-sharing platforms online and a wife and mother of five adorable children. For her part, Susan is known to be an advocate for empowering women to take responsibility for caring for their families and have a prosperous professional life. She even wrote a 2014 article in the Wall Street Journal about the importance of paying women while they were on maternity leave.

Salary and net worth

The YouTube CEO, who has had a long-standing career with the popular search engine Google, acquired a reasonable amount of wealth so far in his career. At this time, no information is available on Susan’s salary, but her net worth is estimated to be around $ 500 million and with prospects to increase as Susan Wojcicki actively pursues her career.

Small Brief History Of Susan Wojcicki
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