Nintendo Succeeds in China with its Detective Pikachu Film

Nintendo Successful Pikachu film to China - Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu, the Pikachu Film, most anticipated videogame adaptations in years. The nerds from around the world over the weekend crowded into theaters to watch the film.

Detective Pikachu disapproved by the critics but loved by fans. Fans celebrated a novel depiction of how pocket monsters (known as Pokemon ) would look and behave in the real world.
Detective Pikachu, until Sunday already raised the considerable US $ 170 million worldwide, Despite competing against the almighty monster ” Avengers: Endgame “. It is the highest grossing movie of all time.

It would be a key step in Pikachu Film, Nintendo’s initiative to earn money not only with video games. As one of the biggest shareholders of Pokemon Co., Nintendo can receive part of the proceeds from the box office.

Detective Pikachu is a positive sign for both the upcoming Super Mario movie and the Nintendo theme parks. For Detective Pikachu consumers are likely to spend a lot of money. With Detective Pikachu consumers are on new ways to interact with their beloved characters.

“If they made a 10-hour movie without argument and only with Pokemon interacting with human beings, I would like to see it immediately,” tweeted ProZD, a YouTube celebrity.

Pokemon’s Promotions in China

The most significant thing is the popularity of the film in China. China the second largest film market in the world. Detective Pikachu won the US $ 41 million over the weekend.

Pokemon Promotional Links with McDonald's - eBuddy News

Despite having limited access to Nintendo games and consoles, the Pokemon franchise has thrived in the Chinese market. Pokemon animated series and its promotional links with McDonald’s and KFC was a great success.

Pokeman Promotional Tie up with KFC - eBuddy News

Pokemon probably the best bet to sell the Nintendo Switch in China. The hordes of players in the country still ignore consoles, which generate less than 1% of sales in the world’s largest gaming market. What’s more, the Chinese players did not grow up playing Super Mario or Zelda, a fact that leaves the Nintendo titles without their biggest selling point: nostalgia.

Tencent, a Japanese Competitor of Pokemon

Tencent Games- eBuddy News

The Japanese company with its local gaming giant Tencent brought the Nintendo Switch to Chinese players. it could be a perfect opportunity to start sales for Tencent as Pokemon series formally migrating to the device later this year.

The key will be to obtain regulatory approval for the titles before the enthusiasm for new games disappears. That’s will not be easy since Beijing still delayed with the processing of a huge accumulation of applications.

According to technology analyst Pelham Smithers, Chinese consumers have to buy a switch if Nintendo manages would try to get approval.

Tencent, meanwhile, is not waiting for the response from regulators. A clone of Pokemon Go, Let’s Hunt Monsters is the concept which the company launched last months. The enduring phenomenon launched in 2016.

Pokemon is now one of the most profitable games across the world.

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