Marília Mendonça, Brazilian Singer And Latin Grammy Winner Died In A Plane Crash

Marília Mendonça, Brazilian Singer And Latin Grammy Winner Died In A Plane Crash - ebuddynews

Marília Mendonça was a famous Brazilian singer and songwriter. Also Marília Mendonça was a feminist icon and winner of a Latin Grammy in 2019 who died in a plane crash. The incident has caused a massive commotion in the country.

Marília Mendonça had died at her 26th years ago. By that time, people knew that she stood at the top in the artistic career of her life, which began when she was a child, writing lyrics to successful compositions. Everyone knew her as the ‘queen of suffering’ for her sad and profound style. The other four occupants who accompanied her also died in the accident. Her producer Henrique Ribeiro, her uncle and advisor, Abicieli Silveira, and the pilot and co-pilot of the aircraft died in the accident.

Marília Mendonça died in a plane crash where the accident occurred when the device crashed in Piedade de Caratinga into a rocky area near a waterfall in the Minas Gerais (southeast). Made the first line of the investigation to clarify the causes of the tragedy. It pointed out that the plane had collided with some high tension cables before hitting the ground. It was just two kilometers from the runway.

The singer had planned a concert before eight thousand fans that night in Caratinga. The spot was about ten kilometers away from the accident scene. 

The investigating team released the images of the aircraft. It was a Beech Aircraft model. It had all the papers in order. Rescue teams fell into an area difficult to access because the terrain was steep, and the water descended at high speed. People knew that news according to the Brazilian authorities,

Music Icon In Brazil

Mendonça has become a ready reference for contemporary Brazilian music in recent years. Significantly, it is one of the most popular styles of the South American giant that revolutionized with various themes on female empowerment and Brazilian music and Sertaneja music. 

All this genre transformation took place until men dominated, and they joined with other Brazilian singers. They Joined to the creation of female voices, and in the process, women were the champions.

The birth of Mendonça took place on July 22, 1995, in the municipality of Cristianópolis in Goiás (center). She started composing songs in her tweleth year. She wrote songs such as ‘É Com Ela Que Eu Estou,’ ‘Até você voltar,’ and ‘Cuida Bem Dela,’ which became famous in the voices of other artists at that young age.

She emerged with her first album on the Brazilian music scene, which she named in 2016. She included successful songs hugely. They were viz., ‘Saudade do Meu Ex,’ ‘Folgado’ and ‘Infiel’. She has sung this last song mostly and played of that year in Brazil. She published his second work, ‘Realidade,’ which earned her a Latin Grammy nomination. However, she did not win the prestigious award in Best Sertaneja Music Album for his project ‘Todos os Songs’ till 2019.

By the time Mendonça received this recognition, she was a pregnant woman. Her son Léo was in the womb, and he would be two years old in the ensuing December month. The renowned artist started resuming her concert schedule after the stoppage. The coronavirus pandemic caused the said stoppage and has caused almost 610,000 deaths in Brazil.

Upheaval In Culture, Politics, And Sport

The loss of Mendonça, nobody expected, has generated a torrent of reactions from Brazil’s world of culture, politics, and sports. The president, Jair Bolsonaro, said that the entire country experienced shock by the death of ‘one of the greatest artists of her generation. She became so with her unique voice, her charisma, and her music conquered the affection and admiration of everybody.’

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Former progressive president and greatest political antagonist of Bolsonaro, sent condolences to the relatives. Also sent the condolences to millions of followers of the music, charisma, and irreverence of Mendonça.

Moreover, renowned Brazilian artists also expressed their sadness on social networks. They were renowned along with the singer Anitta or the singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso. Anitta said that one of the most admirable women she had ever come across in her career. Veloso said that she was crying, and she could not believe it. 

The Brazilian striker Neymar and a Paris Saint-Germain player got the same reaction. And the Canarinha star said and refused to acknowledge what happened that he refused to believe it.

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