Is Britney Spears Engaged To Her Boyfriend Sam Asghari?

Is Britney Spears Engaged To Her BoyFriend Sam Asghari - ebuddynews

Britney Spears engaged to her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and they are ready to hit it off: Yes, I do! After four years of relationship, the couple announced that they decided to take the next step and reach the altar.

Britney, 39, and Sam, 27, made the happy news known through their Instagram accounts. While the singer shared a video showing her ring, the dancer took a photograph of Britney’s hand wearing the jewel in the foreground.

Brandon Cohen, Sam Asghari’s manager, told magazine that the couple is happy about the news and that Sam made the proposal to the singer at home.

Cohen, who New York jeweler Roman Malayev designed spears’ ring, said that the couple made their engagement official today. And they are deeply moved by the support, dedication, and love they express.

The rumors about Britney Spears engaged to her boyfriend Sam Asghari very soon and about their marriage started earlier this month. After Asghari caught looking for rings at Cartier.

A celebrity-related site mentioned that it is a four-carat diamond engraved with the nickname Sam lovingly calling Leona. It has been difficult for the singer to fight to end guardianship against her father this year.

The “princess of pop” was previously married to Kevin Federline, the father of her two children, and in 2004 she married her childhood friend, Jason Alexander. However, their marriage lasted only 55 hours.

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