I am Mother: Simple And Stimulating Sci-fi Thriller of The Netflix Catalog

I am Mother Simple And Stimulating Sci-fi Thriller of The Netflix Catalog - eBuddynews

‘I Am Mother’: simple and stimulating sci-fi thriller for the Netflix catalog. It is very clear that to reach as many people as possible, we have to offer both quantity and variety. It does not matter if you give a lot of material.  If everything focused on the same type of spectator, so you have to play a lot of sticks.  The sticks should boost those that work best. Science fiction seems to be one of them.  So every so often they launch a film or series set in that genre. Either original or obtaining rights exclusively for multiple countries from that genre.

The last example we have with ‘I Am Mother’, a feature film in the United States, Spain, and several other countries.

In it, we travel to a future in which humanity is on the verge of extinction and only a young girl survives with the robot that has raised her since birth. What comes next is an intense thriller with a clear allegorical nature that stretches a little longer than necessary.

Simple but Effective

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‘I Am Mother’ is a film that at all times opts for simplicity to pose a series of deep questions to the viewer. Sometimes it does so directly, as when the protagonist’s learning leads her to face. It reflects on whether it is preferable to save someone or let him die. So that his organs can save four other people, but it is something that persists from his point. This starts and which serves first to capture our interest and then to maintain it.
It is there where ‘I Am Mother’ begins to differentiate from ‘Tau’, another Netflix movie.  This is his original movie. It used similar ingredients to later waste his premise to desperate limits. In the case at hand, I can not say that it will ever be memorable.  But Director Grant Stupore knows how to create the right atmosphere of intrigue.  The Director combined everything he has at his disposal.

On the one hand, the futuristic setting is simple but effective. The fleeing unnecessary effects to enhance first the naturalness of the spaces for the protagonist.  It then nuanced that everything can have a threat. There the appearance of the character played by Hilary Swank -solvent. But still difficult to believe that has two Oscars. It is essential to feed the feeling of doubt that the viewer could have input.  But that does not reach the protagonist until his footage already advanced.

‘I Am Mother’, Enough Hits And A Single Failure

Being fair, the screenplay by Michael Lloyd Green does not go beyond the merely functional, but at least it raises a series of issues that Stupore does know how to boost in his debut in the staging to gradually raise the intensity.

It is not so much that it really makes you think that it is used as a base for your thriller component to gain importance in a natural way.

It is of little use when other works include committed situations.  If you do not believe them or you are clear that they will not lead anywhere.
That yes, everything could have come down of not having a credible protagonist, being there where the contribution of the little known Clara Rugaard is determining. His character is the only one rich in nuances, having to deal with two opposing worldviews. On the one hand, Mother, the robot that has raised her and taught her to have a fair vision of the world and on the other a mysterious woman who makes her question her belief system.

Clara Rugaard in I am Mother - eBuddy News

The main drawback of the film is that the tug of war stretches longer than necessary to achieve the desired effect on the viewer. The film leaves exposed the fact that the reflections raised by the libretto of Green have a limited scope. It never ends up being exasperating, but it does provoke a sense of relative pause that could have been easily prevented and that lightens the claustrophobic touch that the tape is acquiring. Luckily, the final section more than makes up for it, raising the emotional component without leaving aside that intensity that I mentioned before.

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