Follow The Steps To Grow Your Tamagotchi To Keep-Alive

Follow The Steps To Grow Your Tamagotchi To Keep-Alive - ebuddynews

Whether a kid or an adult, everyone loves to play with Tamagotchi. There are many steps to grow your Tamagotchi, and also a lot has to make to take care of a Tamagotchi pet. It is because you are responsible for taking him to the bathroom, feeding him, playing with him, comforting him when he cries, and giving him medicine.

Steps To Grow Your Tamagotchi

Get A Tamagotchi

When you get a Tamagotchi, pull the tag and get started!

An Egg Appear

After starting the game, an egg appears on the screen.

Set Time

To set the time, date, etc., press the middle button. The egg will hatch in two minutes.

Get Ready To Have A Tamagotchi Baby

It will be hungry and not very happy when it hatches, so it will need you to take care of it. Make sure that you play many games with it to keep it at a low weight to keep it healthy.

Be Careful

Your Tamagotchi will grow into a lovable character if you continue to take good care of him.

On Which Side Tamagotchi

Your Tamagotchi will be on his side if you see some small squiggles next to him and if he has a certain face. Plus, he’ll be ready to make a mess if you see him wiggle around. Quickly go to the bathroom icon and click it. Babies don’t do that (we’re sure!). At some point, your Tamagotchi will automatically go to the bathroom whenever it has to go. It will leave the screen clean if you click on that icon whenever it moves from one side to the other.

Check Every 15 Minutes

Always check every 15 minutes or put in pause press buttons A and B to pause or de-use it until you have time to play again. Check the hearts which the scale on the first button every fifteen minutes, clean up its mess, don’t feed it too much, take good care of it and play with it so that it has a low weight. Finally, you will have a very good character!

Helps In Baby Sleeping

Your baby will sleep for five minutes after you take care of it. It will turn into a child during or after your dream! Babies need a lot of attention, and children need less, but don’t stop giving them attention! It is also very cute.

The Child Will Like Very Much

In a few days, your child will turn into a teenager! You will continue to enjoy caring for and playing with it, even though it is easier to care for them.

Teenagers Turn Adult

After that, your teen will become an adult! This character is the best, and he will be worth caring for into his adulthood!

If Tamagotchi Grows Up

When your Tamagotchi grows up, it will want to have a baby. That’s right; your pet will have a baby if you want!. The matchmaker will appear on the screen when your pet is around seven years old. She will introduce you to a character of the opposite gender and give you a few seconds to consider it. Then the display will indicate Love? You can also choose Yes or No options. If you choose Yes, fireworks will appear on the screen, plus music will play, and an exciting beep will sound. And then you will get your Tamagotchi on the screen with an egg.

If You Spend More With Tamagotchi

When you’ve spent forty-eight hours with your Tamagotchi and her baby, the father will leave while you and the baby sleep. You will give the baby a name and start a new generation in the morning! If you click on the status button and go down on the page, it says “gender” (girl or boy).

Say, Gen

And where it says “Gen” (number), you will see that the number will have increased by one next to it! You will start a new generation with every egg your Tamagotchi obtains!

Don’t Neglect Tamagotchi

Your Tamagotchi will die if you neglect it. You ignore their hunger, disorders, and illnesses, and you don’t turn off the lights when they go to sleep. The Tamagotchi dies even though it is very easy to care for them. Press the first and last buttons (A and C) until you hear a long beep if you want to create a new egg. Then, you’ll get a new egg and start the Tamagotchi’s life cycle again.


  • Sleep with the Tamagotchi next to you in bed so that you can check it out in the morning.
  • Your Tamagotchi can only have a baby when they are over six years old.
  • Google “Tamagotchi Character Table” and specify the version (v3, v4, v6, v1, v2) to get a list of possible characters you can get. This way, you will find exactly what you want with it as six years is young.
  • Check your school rules to make sure you can carry a Tamagotchi if you want to.


If you follow the steps to grow Your Tamagotchi, then you don’t put it on pause while you’re at school. If you don’t put it on pause, Tamagotchi will die. Always have it with you. Attach the Tamagotchi key chain to your pants or somewhere else that allows it to always be with you. Your Tamagotchi won’t die when you go to sleep if you set the time right. Keep your Tamagotchi on your nightstand or in your bookbag.

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