Challenge’s Cast Reacts: After Leroy Garrett’s Video Out, Camila Nakagawa Talks About Racism

Challenge's Cast Reacts After Leroy Garrett's Video Out, Camila Nakagawa Talks About Racism - ebuddnews

We are working to be better. After Leroy Garrett’s emotional video out which is about what happened between the couple during The Challenge: Dirty 30 in 2017, Camila Nakagawa talks about video and racism.

Before Camila Nakagawa talks about the racism, Leroy Garrett’s video out about what happened after Nakagawa, 33launched a “racist spiel” during the MTV series. He explains that he was upset that the producers did not intervene after the discussion during the Instagram video. Instead, the morning after the incident, he had to bring up the subject.

The Real World: Las Vegas native explained during his 36-minute video that no one is talking with him, and he cannot understand what is happening. The producers didn’t tell TJ Lavin to say anything, and Leroy didn’t know what to say. He felt he was the victim of the shoot. He mentioned why something happened to me and forced someone to apologize who wouldn’t do it independently.

Garrett thought they would eliminate Nakagawa afterward. Instead, he stayed in the game and won the $ 450,000 prize for the season.

She said that he rewarded her for being racist and violent, and she had seen people being sent home for less. She said that after being invited to compete in champions against stars, and after being disrespectful, she disqualifies for this.

To discuss the issue, the two-time winner posted an Instagram Live and apologized multiple times.

The Spring Break Challenge student tearfully said that he did not condone racism. Further, he said that If there was anything in her eyes that she might be doing better, he requested her to tell him. Because you can judge me all you want, that’s fine. That was the choice of everyone. But he would like to take action and do something positive. He was taking courses against racism. He was trying to educate himself not to make the same mistakes, to fully understand his part in simply supporting the cause. That was what he wanted to do. He concluded and said that he was wrong, 100 percent.

He added that he had tried calling Garrett, and they discussed what happened next.

Camila Nakagawa, the Brazilian native, added that she doesn’t want forgiveness and is not the victim. She accepted her mistake too, and she stated that she wanted to know what she could do. Camila doesn’t approve of racism, and even Camila doesn’t approve of what Camila did before. From the bottom of her heart, she knew that Leroy didn’t care about her; she felt that was okay; she felt his right. Probably Camila wouldn’t mind someone who did that to her too. And Camila also said that he always had a special place in her heart. She always loves him so much, and she doesn’t even understand why she did what she did. If repentance could kill, surely, he would be dead.

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