Before Won Oscar As Best Actor, Will Smith Smacked Chris Rock

Before Won Oscar As Best Actor, Will Smith Smacked Chris Rock - ebuddynews

Will Smith smacked Chris Rock when Rock cracked a joke which led to Will Smith’s angered, and the Oscars had an unexpected moment.

Shortly before, Smith won Oscar, the best actor for portraying Venus and Serena Williams’ father Richard Williams in King Richard. And then later, Will Smith took the stage and smacked Chris Rock with a hit on the event at the ‘Awards Ceremony of the Academy.’ The incident happened after the comedian made a joke about the appearance of Jada Pinkett, wife of Smith.

While Smith won Oscar and accepted an award, and later apologized to many people, including Venus and Serena, he didn’t mention Rock in his apology. Smith yelled at Rock and asked him to keep his wife’s name out of his (expletive) mouth. Further, the audience gasped in surprise when it became clear that it was not a staged scene.

He said that Richard Williams was a ‘strong supporter of his family. Then he delivered an acceptance lecture.

He paused for a while to make his choice of words clear. Further, he wept as he spoke about being a protector of those he worked on the film.

In his speech, Smith said that he had had a calling in his life to love people and protect people and wanted to be a river to his people. You know that they have to put up with abuse to do what they would do. They have to put up with people saying crazy things about them. In that business, they have to put up with people disrespecting them, and they have to smile and act like everything is alright.

The exchange commenced when Rock mocked Pinkett shaved head of Smith by comparing it to an Army officer.

He said Jada, I love you. ‘GI Jane’ 2, I can’t wait.

Pinkett Smith seemed immediately upset by the joke. She had spoken about that situation on Instagram and her social networks several times. The incident revealed in 2018 that she had suffered from alopecia (abnormal hair loss).

Will Smith walked on to the stage from his front-row seat and smacked Chris Rock in a loud voice. Smith yelled at Rock to leave his wife alone on his return to his place. Rock repeatedly said that he was making a GI Jane joke. Then Smith yelled again for him to leave her.

Chris Rock said that was the biggest night in television history. He was reprising his role as host.

After a few minutes, rapper Sean Combs — onstage to perform a tribute to “The Godfather.” He tried to make amends and suggested that Smith and Rock should work out their differences afterward.

Combs said that Will and Chris would fix this as a family at the golden party.

The event created different reactions. Several people approached Smith and Pinkett Smith at the commercial break time after the incident. Keith Urban hugged the actor during a break, and Nicole Kidman also went to speak a few words. During an interview session with the winners and behind the scenes, there was something few wanted to talk about the Rock-Smith incident.

Questlove said that he was not going to talk about it. He was the director of the winning documentary Summer of Soul, which Rock submitted in the category.

Pinkett Smith is also the ‘butt of jokes of Rock,’ the comedian hosted the Oscars in 2016. She had not kept her attendance in the ceremony, citing the lack of diversity among the nominees that year and the insufficient participation of black artists.

After his speech, Smith said he hoped the Academy would invite me back.

They felt thrilled to celebrate the winners of the 94th Academy Awards that night. They deserved that moment of recognition from their peers and moviegoers around the world. The organization tweeted a statement at the end of the ceremony. The statement showed that the Academy had not condoned violence in any form.

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