Annabelle Comes Home 2019 – A Wild And Hilarious Remake

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Conjuring Series Continues With Annabelle Comes Home

In one of the scenes of the new ‘Annabelle Comes Home’, the protagonist and a couple of friends, all teenagers, laugh out loud as they watch ‘La Matanza De Texas 2’.   Perplexed by Diabolic Doll excessive tone, his insane dose of violence and his grotesque – and trochanter, everything said – sense of the comedy.  A small snapshot that, beyond the simple cinephile reference, shown as a whole declaration of intentions.

And that this reboot, or remake – or update, call it what you want – the homonymous cult classic, created by Don Mancini and Tom Holland in 1988. The movie embraces without regard and with a delicious self-consciousness the canons of the most festive horror that were styled three decades ago.  Giving to Chucky and the universe that surrounds it a washing of image in technological key, according to the times that run, that contrasts with the old spirit of the production.

The Cast of Annabelle Comes Home 2019

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The result of this particular combination is a hilarious and intelligent update of the saga. The saga fully reaches out to new fans of the genre -native technologies for which artificial intelligence and personal assistants are something everyday-, while winking at the viewer veteran; burying any generational conflict under the cloak of a wild and jaranero terror that many missed seeing in commercial halls.

In the case of a new version of horror film incunabula, it is completely logical that skepticism and fear of disaster were present in any debate around this ‘Diabolical Doll’. This is why the surprise has been even greater when, without expecting practically anything from him, the debut of Lars Klevberg ended offering a fantastic entertainment, untouched in terms of form, which claim as one of the great covers of this 2019.

Annabelle Comes Home 2019 Cast - eBuddy News

Starting from the lucky – and creepy when seen in motion – redesign of Chucky.  The Chucky which combines the predominant practical effects of the old school with a light layer of CGI. ‘Diabolical Doll’ tends to bridge between two epochs that reinforced by the solvent staging of Klevberg. So, effectively it turns out to develop the plot in an organic way. The disturbing passages dedicated entirely to the suspense.

The moments in which the film decide to unravel when it shines with its own light by unfolding blackish humor. Blackish humor of an authentic gore festival bathed in a great sense of more twinned sequels than with Mancini’s original.  The film leaves us with sequences to frame the brutal climax.  Hence, The brutal climax rounded off with the magnificent soundtrack by Bear McCreary, composed, in part, using toy instruments.

Devilish Doll – Annabelle Comes Home

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A new and coherent angle added to the remake by referring to the previous version. In this case, we must applaud the bet of the writer Tyler Burton Smith to build a story.  Despite not fully exploiting the possibilities of his proposal, acid technological discourse does not fall into cheap paternalisms or morals. The movie gives shape to the best episode of Black Mirror that we can conceive.

The evolution of characters and script written with the automatic pilot is quite predictable.  An especially inspired cast led by Mark Hamill.  Mark Hamill returns to extract gold from his voice. He breathes life into Chucky – ends up putting the icing on this ‘Devilish Doll’. The Devilish Doll without anyone expecting it, enters directly to be part of that select group of remakes. The remakes that frame with their originals.

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