After Two Years Of Their Relationship, Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes Announced Their Separation

After Two Years Of Their Relationship, Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes Announced Their Separation - ebuddynews

After two years of their relationship, 23-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes and 24-year-old Cuban-American composer and interpreter Camila Cabello announced their separation and ended their love affair. The pop music stars resolved to end their relationship by mutual agreement and separate communications on their respective Instagram accounts.

Both have decided to end their romantic relationship, but their love for each other as humans is stronger than ever. They started the conversation, which quickly went viral on their social networks. After announced their separation Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello started their relationship as best friends, and they will continue to be best friends. He added in a text interspersed with heart emojis and closed with the signature of the two: they greatly appreciate your support from the beginning and in the future.

It had not shown the couple together on their Instagram feeds since November 1, during the Day of the Dead celebration, which the couple spent in the Mexican city of Oaxaca. Both shared two photographs and a video. He wore a black suit with floral details, a white shirt, a black bow, and makeup on his skull face, and he played as a mariachi.

In contrast, Camila wore a typical Oaxaca dress in black, with very colorful floral details. She also had a monarch butterfly on a yellow bow. It was a flower headband, and she wore detailed catrina makeup with rhinestone accessories. During the video, the couple dances to the rhythm of El son de la Negra, although somewhat out of rhythm.

Even before that visit to Latin lands, the couple had shown themselves publicly during the delivery of the VMA’s a few weeks before. During the performance of their smash hit “Señorita,” they kissed each other passionately while singing on stage in the middle of  Central Park.  The public reacted immediately on social networks, where they garnered millions of fans.

The couple began their relationship in mid-2019. The privacy with which managed when makes it hard to stipulate a day. In September, the musicians met on stage, and again it was “Señorita,” the song that lit the fuse. A truncated kiss trigger off speculation among his followers, among whom haters are never lacking. The couple acknowledged receipt and redoubled the bet.

The Canadian singer said they saw on Twitter that they do not stop talking about how they kiss. They do it strange as if they kiss like fish, well here it goes, this is how they kiss. In contrast, his girlfriend nods and gives an affirmative reply that her comments were hurtful. After these words, they kissed exaggeratedly, and it ironically shows how they did it in privacy.

Then, both Mendes and Cabello were unwilling to speak to the press about what they felt and whether their situation was serious or not. They were seen very much in love on Los Angeles or New York streets, but they avoided giving their word to the media. According to Cabello herself, they can think. Still, they will live their lives, enjoy themselves and fall in love as if no one were looking at them.

The couple met in 2014, in their teens, when they coincided as the opening numbers of a Taylor Swift concert. Although the crush was immediate at that time, they spoke of friendship and not love. The Canadian insisted on taking the plunge, but the former Fifth Harmony decided to take her time.

The following year they published their first collaboration, I Know What You Did Last Summer song. It is a heartbreaking story by two young people who, perhaps without knowing it, began to write their own. This story was not materialized, at least publicly, until 2019. There, with the sensual video of “Señorita” that swept platforms and ceremonies, they recognized what all their fans suspected. The love came to an end tonight.

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