Actress Alicia Witt Parents’ Death Cause Revealed

Actress Alicia Witt Parents' Death Cause Revealed - ebuddynews

Find answers, two months later, Robert and Diane Witt, parents of Alicia Witt, were found dead unexpectedly in their home, revealed the cause of the death.

The media reported that the couple succumbed to a probable cardiac dysrhythmia due to extreme cold. They also issued death certificates for Alicia Witt parents death with cause on Wednesday, February 23.

In Worcester, Massachusetts, authorities previously determined no signs of trauma or foul play. At the same time, a local news station suspected hypothermia contributed to the couple’s deaths.

The Walking Dead actress, 46, announced in December 2021 that a family relative had found Robert, 87, and Diane, 75, at their home dead after performing a medical check-up.

Alicia Witt said she contacted a cousin near my parents to see how they were doing. Unfortunately, the result was unimaginable. The star pointed out in her statement that she asked for some privacy at this time to grieve and make terms with this surreal turn of events and loss.

Cousin of Alicia called the police for help after the actress became concerned about her parents, whom she hadn’t heard from in so many days. Firefighters reportedly visited the residence to check the home’s air quality. Still, firefighters found no evidence of carbon monoxide or other dangerous gases.

Alicia, at last, broke her silence on the loss of her parents through her Instagram in January. She notes that it still doesn’t feel real that her parents are gone. Alicia wrote that she’d been scared for a month, not hearing from them. She called to have them checked out, waiting, phone in hand, praying fervently that the next call would come from them, angry that they involved someone else. She knew as soon as she heard the detective’s voice on the other line that they were gone.

The Twin Peaks alum continued that she was deeply grateful that she traveled quietly to Worcester before this month for a beautiful service and funeral to mourn and celebrate in private. Thanks also to everyone who shared their memories of her parents. They were brilliant educators, deeply kind, intuitive, curious, wise, young at heart, funny; there will never be enough adjectives to describe them.

Alicia wanted to honor her privacy throughout the delicate situation despite some misconceptions about what led to her mother and father’s deaths. The actress called her parents fiercely stubborn and noted that they were not penniless but often refused help from others.

She added that they were a united, intertwined, inseparable force, determined to do things their way. Knowing that they had met, fighting them like she had to, felt like she had destroyed them. She stressed, ‘They broken her heart.’ And even if she could have had a crystal ball and looked into the future if she could have told them, ‘You’re going to break her heart. And the hearts of everyone who loves her with a worst-case scenario ends if you don’t let us help you. She still thinks they would have made the same decisions.

Shortly earlier losing her loved ones, she reflected on how her mother was involved in helping her get her big break. A producer found Alicia; it’s amazing!

She said that the producer saw a picture of mine reading in a magazine and got in touch and asked if there was anything he could do on the show. Alicia’s mother, at the time, had taught Alicia how to make a scene. Romeo and Juliet. Alicia was five years old. Two years later, the Dunas casting director was looking for someone to play the part of Alia and [saw that clip]. It was a happy coincidence.

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