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Aaliyah Remembered For R&B And Hip-Hop Even After 20 Years

Even after 20 years, Aaliyah remembered R&B and Hip-Hop. In August 2001, the R&B and Hip-Hop singer, Aaliyah (Brooklyn, New York), was killed in a charter plane crash in the Bahamas after returning from recording a video.

She was the pilot and perished them with the help of her seven team members. Just a month earlier, the artist released her self-titled album. She would never see her massive global success.

The leading magazine has positioned her as an icon of popular culture on a global scale. And an exalted figure of the rigor of the Afro-descendant community. In 1998, she was named The Princess of R & B for her lucrative career at just 19 years old, despite having less than ten years in the industry. She was the image of designer Tommy Hilfiger and starred in some films.

Generations felt Aaliyah’s passing, and her legacy is still relevant. Aaliyah continued to be a reference and remembered hip-hop and R&B, of Jay-Z, Noname, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole.

R&B singer Paloma Ford is among the performers. They are such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, and James Blake, who claim to have a formative influence on her work, said that Aaliyah was the role model. The Independent published that She remains unmatched. Her approach towards her records with her soft voice and confident lyrics dramatically influences her art.

Delicate voice

That delicate voice is one of the highlights of the short but influential career of Aaliyah. She debuted at age ten on the television talent show Star Search.

The reason for remembered Aaliyah as a reference of R&b and Hip-Hop is her dedication to her work. She made her professional release in 1994 with Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number, produced by her mentor R Kelly. However, two years later, One In a Million, the next album, marked her as a star with a unique version of R&B.

She had a bold and expansive vision, with tracks that effortlessly bounced from trip-hop to sultry slow jams and jungle beats.

The plate was a cocktail of new jack swing, cool gangsta rap, and soul ballads, but it combined all of these elements and launched it into the future. A warped, metallic, and avant-garde production backed the soulful vocals of the album’s title track.

The co-host of the pop culture podcast Twenty Twenty Tara Joshi says no one made music like this. She Aligns her with Janet Jackson.

Joshi notes that it was around this period that Aaliyah began to take more creative bets, echoing her nickname Niña, her 1998 single Are You That Somebody. It might not seem precisely groundbreaking in 2021. Still, in the mid-90s, even as hip-hop impaled old records in new and inventive ways, this style was beyond cutting edge.

Aaliyah and Timbaland were intentionally doing something strange and provocative in a conventional pop package. Always contrasted these risks with the singer’s effortless, reduced, and low-register vocals, which stood out amid a sea of vocal careers, popularized by Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Alicia Keys.

Kathy Iandoli, author of Baby Girl: Better Known as Aaliyah, argues that with her debut. She was hiding in this great shadow of the producer, who was R. Kelly. She dedicated her identity to the project with her sound. He assures this. We saw her come into her person with the second album, thanks to Timbaland and Missy.

The change was apparent, as Aaliyah worked on creeping classic samples on We Need a Resolution, wild rock electric guitars on What If, and other atypical sounds for the genre. Even in More Than a Woman, she tackles a soft and sweet self-harmonization amid dark and minor strings. She’s charming, has a dangerous and addictive quality, and could easily fit alongside a song by Shakira, Nelly Furtado, or Beyoncé from the mid-2000s. The decade without more belt, Aaliyah’s voice dances above the jingling of the piano keys in It’s Whatever, with angelic ease, comparable to anything contemporary by Solange Knowles, Joshi points out.

At the time, however, Aaliyah’s production was on her own. Joshi thinks that the sounds are a bit strange and almost a bit ethereal. There is futurism that undermines everything… and this album comes a couple of years before that sound becomes mainstream in pop. R&B became the standard, with artists such as Destiny’s Child, Amerie, Ashanti, and Cassie taking over later. But they could hear the influence of Aaliyah’s reduced vocal phrasing on artists such as Rihanna and Ciara. Drake also cited her vocal sensitivity as her most significant influence. And even she sported a tattoo of the singer: He said that she had conveyed those incredible emotions, but she never got too cheesy.

Today, Iandoli believes that he sees the spirit of Aaliyah everywhere, from the music of SZA to the Swedish pop singer Tove Lo. Journalist Kelefa Sanneh noted shortly after the star’s death. That showed many of the songs (by the New Yorker) were simple vocal riffs, repeated and refracted to echo the manipulated loops that create the digital rhythm.

Aaliyah was not only influential in music. By the time the singer died, the singer’s name had become synonymous with style. Paloma believes that. Her style shows with masculine women’s athletic shirts, low-rise jeans, body chains, crop tops, and skintight dresses.

She is a muse

Janelle Okwodu, Vogue’s fashion editor, has described her as “a true muse for designers who cite hip-hop and the early 21st century as their benchmark.”

Aaliyah became a Tommy Hilfiger face in 1997, and the red, white, and baggy blue jeans she wore in a brand ad sold out. In the same year, she branched out into acting. She landed a lead role opposite Jet Li in Romeo Must Die; she filmed Queen of the Damned vampire movie. Before her death, they called her up for a role in The Matrix Reloaded. Ford recalls that she achieved far beyond music with fashion and film, all at 22.

All trades of celebrity are a familiar concept today. It highlights that, like Beyoncé, Aaliyah made her debut as a child on a talent show and continued to work. Still, Joshi says this was not the typical career path for a singer in the 1990s. “In many ways, she was the prototype. In her work, there are many parallels to what Beyoncé’s career is now,” he says.

Therefore it is not difficult to imagine a parallel timeline in which Aaliyah could have been the mononymous R&B star that changed the industry’s paradigm. However, we all know what Beyoncé has done. In a sense, he walked so that Beyoncé could run.

Iandoli argues that they have somewhat romanticized Aaliyah for the (next) generation of fans, as this mythical figure who lives through videos and photos. The reason is that it was so ahead of its time. It almost brought it up to date in your presence through this multimedia, as it never really gives the impression of being dated. It’s weird, really, but it’s also a testament that she was a visionary.”

On the other hand, his death means that the situation fixed some elements of the story, immutable. Aaliyah passed away at 22, and so she is forever young. She didn’t get old, so younger fans cling to her while she’s frozen in time, “concludes Iandoli.

Aaliyah Remembered For R&B And Hip-Hop Even After 20 Years
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