24 Features, Tips, And Tricks Of Xbox Series X To Get The Best Out Of Microsoft Console

24 Features, Tips, And Tricks Of Xbox Series X To Get The Best Out Of Microsoft Console - ebuddynews

We bring you a compilation with 24 features, tips, and a tricks for the new console from Microsoft, the Xbox Series X, but except those relating to their physical unit treasuries, most also serve for the Xbox Series S. With all these tracks, you will have everything you need to start getting the most out of your console.

The very idea of ​​our guide is that a user who has bought the Xbox for the first time knows everything they need to know to take advantage of it. Therefore, more experienced users of Xbox Series X know well about most features, tips and tricks. We have included some tips, hope of discovering or rediscovering some of the lesser-known features of the console.

We can always say that if you are an expert ‘Xbox’ user and think we have given some incredibly good or useful tips.

Xbox Series X Features, Tips, And Tricks

1. You Will Keep The Games That Are Already Yours

Let us start with one of the most important features of Series X. When you log in with the Microsoft account you used on your previous Xbox, you can have your games with you. It means that the ones you had purchased digitally will remain in your possession. Thanks to the fact that the Xbox Series X is compatible with all those you could use on the one, you will continue to play them.

As regards physical games, if you enter them in the console reader, they will add them anyway. It means that you can put in a disc of an Xbox One game, and it will add it to Series X so you can play on it. The saved games also accompany you if you have them synchronized in the cloud.

2. Customize Your Profile Always

You are an Xbox gamer, so you have a personal profile. You can create your avatar to have a little doll similar to you in it. But also write a biography and a Game Tag, which is like your identifier so that your friends can find you and identify you.

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • In the left column, do click the option ‘General.’
  • Click on the ‘Personalization’ option there.
  • Click on ‘Profile’ inside and click inside on ‘Customize my profile’ again.
  • If You enter your profile, you can configure your game tag, your biography, the theme, and configure an avatar as you like.

3. Look At The Profile Of Your Friends 

From the console itself, you will also access your friends’ profiles. Go to the ‘main menu’ and also look for the ‘Community section’ in the left column for this option. It is almost at the below of the menu, and there you enter your friends’ list. If you press the Xbox logo button on the controller, you will go to a start menu with a contact section, and you can see your friends list to look at their respective profile views.

If you want to select a friend from your list, click on him and the full profile option in the drop-down menu. There you can see his complete profile, his social wall where captures and publications are published, and in the ‘Games tab,’ you can view everyone he plays. You can also have the option to Compare games in this ‘games tab,’ buy what you and this friendship play, and see the progress of each one in the games in common.

4. Please Use Your Profile As The ‘Facebook Wall’

However, it is something more customizable than that. Achievements and friendships added will automatically be shared on your Xbox profile. You will also be able to write text posts or add your captures so that anyone who visits it can read your comments.

  • Please scroll up to select your profile picture in the main menu at the top left.
  • Click on your profile image.
  • A menu will open. And in that, you must click on My profile.
  • You will go to the ‘welcome’ screen of your ‘profile .’At the top, you have a Social tab. Then go to that tab.
  • Inside the Social tab, click on, Do you want to share something?
  • You will go to a screen where you can choose between sharing one of your captured captures. It appears above or directly writes something manually to publish later.

5. You Can Make Your Friends See You As Offline

And since we talk about profiles and friendships, another little guy. By default, the people can you as friends will see online. But you can easily change this to force it to appear disconnected, directly into do not disturb mode.

  • You can Scroll up to select ‘your profile picture’ in the main menu at the top left.
  • Click on your profile image.
  • Then a ‘menu’ will open, in which you must click on Show connected.
  • Options will open, where you can choose to Show Offline or Do Not Disturb.

6. Please Add Your Games To The ‘Home-List.’

The ‘Xbox – interface’ is simple yet full of elements. On the left of the screen. You have a column called Home on the left of the screen, to which you can add your installed games. You can always go down the ‘Start column’ to find a ‘row’ dedicated to a specific game. You also have chosen where achievements, captures, groups, and clubs will appear to join. In addition to the row of the latest applications you have used, this way.

To add a game to the Start, in the row of last applications and games you have used, you must select this game or do the same in the My Games and applications section. When selecting a game, click on the menu button on the controller, and when a window with options opens, choose the Add to Start option.

7. Create Groups Of Games And Applications

Being an orderly person is important, especially when you have a console in which you can end up. It accumulates games of all kinds, indies or large, in addition to many applications. For this reason, Xbox will allow you to create custom groups of games or applications. The option to do this is moderately invisible.

  • On the home screen, tap My games and apps.
  • Once inside, go to the Groups section.
  • Here, click on Create a group.
  • You can add a name to it and choose which games or applications are part of it.
  • You can create all the groups as you want and customize them afterward.

8. Do Customize The Home List With Games Or Groups

You can combine the two previous points because Xbox allows you to manually edit the Start items, add new games, and add groups directly. In this way, if, for example, you have created a group of Indie games that you love, you can add it to the Start to have those games always on hand. And the same is with the content of any other list.

  • Go down the beginning until you reach one of its first elements, whatever it is.
  •  Press the ‘menu button’ on your controller,
  • Click on ‘Personalize Start’ in the options window that opens, 
  • You will go to the Personalize Home screen, where you can delete items, edit any of them, or add the list of others.
  • You can add if you choose to add ‘downloaded games,’ ‘applications, friends, or groups,’ or ‘clubs.’

9. You Can Modify The Appearance Of The Main Screen

Since we started to touch on the aspect of customization’, you should know about how to ‘modify the colors and the wallpaper’ of the ‘main screen’ of your ‘Xbox .’You will also choose between light and dark themes and enable or disable smooth transitions.

  • Go into the ‘Settings.’
  • Once went to inside, go to the ‘General section’ and click on ‘Personalization.’
  • The two sections you have to go to are My color and background and Theme and movement.

10. Change The Order Of The Guide Elements

This table has several sections, and in the Personalization options that we have gone to before, you will also be able to change the order of these elements. The Guide section is that box that is apparent on you, pressing the ‘Xbox’ button on the controller. Thus, you can invoke from any game or anywhere you are on the console. As you want, you can customize almost everything within the interface that the console shows.

11. Your Xbox Has A Catalog Of Free Games

There are not many, and even fewer those who have remarkable qualities. However, your Xbox has a small catalog of free titles in its game store. Therefore, having the ‘console’ is not always strictly necessary to pay for the games, beyond the advantages of Game Pass.

There are two ways to access these free games. On the one hand, within the application and game store, there is a section where you can access the best free games. But if you want to see them all, use the search engine to find the word for free, and both demos and free-to-play games will appear. Of course, do remember that most will have ‘micro-payment’ systems.

12. Do Identify A Set Of Games Adapted To ‘Series X And S’

Since we are saying about the content of the Xbox game store, some games have the X or S logo. That logo means the games’ adaptation, especially for the new Microsoft consoles. Despite being from the previous generation, they will look much better on this console.

13. Filter Your Game Collection By Generation

In addition, to search for games adapted for a certain console in the application store, in your collection of downloaded games. Those for Xbox One or show only games Xbox and Xbox 360. However, you can also filter them to show only those optimized for new consoles. To take up this feature, you must enter ‘My games and applications, and in the icons in the list, look for the Filter then.

Besides this, you can change the size of the tiles with the filters, in which it displays the games. Please only use certain types of content, or filter them to show only multiplayer or those for a single player. You can also filter them by genre so that if you want to play a specific one, you can find the installed games that you have of that genre.

14. Manage Your Download Queue

It is a little trick that came in handy when I bought the console and, when it was released, I started to download several games from the Game Pass simultaneously. If you do this, the downloads are not simultaneous, and only you can download one game at a time. Fortunately, you can also manage the ‘download queue’ to ‘pause some’ or ‘prioritize others.’ Also, it is so with the things you added to ‘the first one .’

For this purpose, you can have to enter the ‘My games and applications’ option. In the options column on the left, ‘ Once inside,’ click on Manage and the Queue option. You will go to a ‘screen’ where you see a downloading list of all the games. And you will be able to pause some or put others directly to load. Play around with these options to manage the order of your downloads.

15. Use The Internal Speed Test

If you think your queue downloads are going too slow, maybe it’s because something is wrong with your connection. Here, as always, when in doubt about whether it is the console. Microsoft’s servers, or your Internet, you will always be able to do a speed test to check how fast the connection is.

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • Then click on the ‘General option’ in the left column
  • Then click to open the ‘Network Settings’ option.
  • Click on ‘Test network connection’ on the side, and you will conduct a ‘speed test.’

16. Please Use Your ‘Controller’ On Other Devices

‘The Xbox Series X’ just came out. And your ability to the controller with other devices is still half-cooked. You can connect it to your PC. Despite that, at the moment, only the ‘cable option’ works completely well. You can also connect it by Bluetooth to Android devices, although at the time of writing this article, it still does not work well on iOS.

The procedure is very simple, press the link button on the remote and search for it on the mobile via ‘Bluetooth .’To do this operation, please enter the ‘Bluetooth settings’ of your Android, and give the option to search for a new device.

17. Check The ‘Game Console’ In Your ‘Mobile’ 

You can also have the option to play your ‘Xbox Series X’ from an ‘Android-mobile,’ with the ‘remote streaming’ from the ‘console’ to your device. As we told you in the previous step, you need to download the Xbox app on your mobile and connect the controller to the device. And then click on the console icon within the app. You will find the ‘option to play remotely. You also have to enable remote features on the console.

18. Download Games From The Mobile Application

Once you’ve enabled remote features on the console, a world of possibilities will open up for you. For example, you can download your purchased or Game Pass games directly from your mobile. To do this, you have to open the Game Pass or Xbox application on your mobile and enter the game file.

Once you enter the game tab you want, you will see the download button. Before pressing the button, you will know how much space the game you will download occupies and how much you have free on your console. You have an option to download ‘paid games’ also before you physically buy them with this method. You will start the ‘download’ when you get home and install everything, and then when you put the ‘game disc’ in ‘the console,’ you will find it will unlock to allow it to play.

19. Adapt The Console To Your Television

When you do the initial configuration of your Series X, there is a step in which the hardware of your television detects to adapt the console to it. Suppose you are not convinced that it went well or want to review it. In that case, there is also a specific configuration where you can make the changes and edit everything to your liking.

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • In the left column, click General.
  • There, click on the TV option and screen options.
  • You will enter a screen to adjust everything from resolution and frequency to video modes or HDR.

20. Avoid Sending Your Private Data To Microsoft

Your Xbox allows you to configure ‘console privacy and security. Not only by avoiding sending fewer data to Microsoft but, for example, by preventing adult content and games from being accessed or by controlling the filters on the messages and invitations you receive. You can also control which applications obtain your personal information, location, and other elements, blocking access to this data for some apps.

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • In the left column, click General.
  • There, click on the Online safety and family option.
  • Choose between Privacy and online safety, or enter Parental Control.
  • Choose the first option in the list. You will have the chance to manage the data you send to Microsoft. The apps receive or configure the filters for the messages received.

21. Avoid Being Spammed In Messages

We have seen the option of “how to access the filters’ useful for messages with the Message Security option. Well, inside, you can filter them not to be sent web links through messages. You create an antispam filter for direct messages that contacts or people you don’t know can send you.

22. Also, Do Check The ‘Inactivity’ Options

When you stop using ‘the console,’ you find the screen can turn off or show content. It can also dim after a certain time to better preserve the health of your television or screen to which it is connected. You will be able to manage these two things from the inactivity options.

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • In the left column, click Preferences.
  • There, click on the option Inactivity options.
  • Adapt the two options that you will see here to your needs.

23. Transfer Your Data And Games From An Xbox One To Series X

It is tedious to have downloaded the games you have can be a bit. But fortunately, the Series X allows you to transfer or share your games and your saves from an Xbox One so that the migration is faster. For this, both consoles will have to share the same connection, and you will have to turn them on simultaneously.

  • Would you mind turning on the two consoles and connecting them to the same network?
  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • In the left column, click System.
  • Inside, click on Back up and transfer.
  • Once inside, click on the Network transfer option.
  • Mark the only option that will appear inside to allow the transfer.
  • Now, look for the old one from the new console, and you can make the transfer.

24. Control Your ‘Xbox’ From ‘Google Assistant’ Or ‘Alexa.’

Let us know one of the ‘console’s hidden functions’ is that you can control it from ‘Google Assistant or ”Alexa .’By linking your Xbox to these assistants, you can turn it on or off, launch games or applications, control media playback, or take screenshots using voice commands.

It is something that you have to activate in the console settings. Go to the Devices and connections category within the settings and click on the Digital Assistants option. You can activate this possibility and see the steps you have to follow to link it to Alexa or the Google assistant.

Xbox series X Features Tips And Tricks Bonus: UI Screenshots

For 99% of gamers, this cheat is useless. But if, as has happened to me, you need to take screenshots of the main interface to have them on the PC and use them in a forum or article, there is a method that is the one that I have used. I want to finish the article by sharing it with you if someone else is useful.

The Xbox only allows you to capture in-game with the controller button, not in the menus or the main interface. I have used point 17 to use the console from the mobile after having connected the remote, as I put in point 16. Having the console screen on the mobile, I have taken screenshots and passed them to the PC as a file in Telegram.

Series X does not yet allow remote play from PC, but hopefully, this is coming soon (it’s on Xbox One). When it does, you will not need to have a gaming PC to play the games remotely from the Xbox, nor will you need to do so much adventure to take screenshots.

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