10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn’t Know

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews

Venom has built a legacy as one of Spider-Man’s most popular adversaries. He has tormented the trepamuros far and wide, and with a solo film in development, he will try to capture the full attention of Sony’s new Spidey universe. However, the story of the alien remains largely uncovered by the fans. For the vast majority of fans, Eddie Brock is and will always be his Venom, a diabolical antagonist for Peter Parker. But the symbiote has transferred body over and over again, and some more unlikely heroes and villains have welcomed the parasite, each with their glances, motives, and stories. Know about some of the mind-blowing facts about venom.

1. The Scorpion replaced Brock as Venom

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews


Mac Gargan more commonly known as the first Scorpion was linked to the symbiote for a few years, even imitating Spidey in the Dark Reign event.

Gargan’s Venom was altogether more sinister and evil than Brock when the experiodist was in the later stages of his career. He collaborated with Norman Osborn and became a so-called Dark Avenger, and, unlike Brock, was unable to keep the game under control when he wanted to. This led to Gargan’s development of cannibalistic impulses and suggested that the symbiote itself feels that its host is not worthy of its power.

Gargan would be eliminated by force of the symbiote after the events of Siege, and he was simply the old Scorpion again.

2. The Symbiote is Not an Alien in the Ultimate Universe

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews

The Ultimate Universe was a small ordered experiment initiated by Marvel at the beginning of the millennium designed to reimagine his comics for a modern audience. At the head was Spider-Man, with Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley proving to be the perfect combination to take to the trepamuros in the 21st century. It was a comic with cracks, and it’s no wonder that Venom was presented in large measure.

Unlike the mainstream of the Marvel universe, Ultimate Venom was not of alien origin. Instead, the suit is indelibly linked to the origins of Peter Parker, as Pete’s father developed the costume along with Eddie Brock Sr. as a means to cure cancer. Of course, with Venom things do not go according to plan, and the suit soon takes Parker, instilling in him all the traits of the villain’s personality by the original crossing of Secret Wars.

3. An antihero, as well as a villain?

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews

The fans of Spider-Man: The Animated Series of Fox probably only remember Venom being a villain of Spidey and nothing else. He has that tragic advantage, as do most of Spidey’s villains, but Brock’s Venom underwent a big change in his later years under the suit, going from an unpleasant guy to a vigilante of a bizarre villain in climb called Maximum Carnage.

The change of attitude of Brock turned out to be welcome, with the premise that the character left aside his differences with Parker, something that left the readers satisfied. Brock later left New York to go to San Francisco at the Lethal Protector Arch of 1993 (supposedly the inspiration for the new movie) and will fight with the costume on more than one occasion.

4. Brock became a hunting symbiote in his later years

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews

Having finally pushed the symbiote away, Eddie tried to reclaim his life again and was finally acquitted of the crimes through top-notch advocacy, courtesy of everyone’s favorite lawyer, Matt Murdock.

Brock’s life after Venom puts him in touch with Martin Li, who is then known by fans as the villain Mr. Negative. Li gave Eddie a job and, for the most part, things improved for the individual; He had been cured of his cancer, was passing the lawsuit, and was settling as much as a foreign ex-driver could.

Then Mac Gargan arrived in one fell swoop. Feeling that the suit preferred Brock, he tried to kill Eddie, only to prevent the suit from attempting a reunion with his former host. However, Brock’s body rejected the parasite, and after evoking a new Venom suit, he set out to destroy Gargan.

Brock later locates other criminal outfits, joining with another symbiote, Toxin, before helping the FBI in their efforts to locate a recently escaped Cletus Kasady.

5. Venom created Carnage

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews

Although the aforementioned Spidey program had Cletus Kasady got his costume from a strange being separately, at the behest of Dormammu, the origin of the character’s comic is much less spectacular, with Carnage being formed from the original Venom.

As they do in the series, Brock and Kasady share a prison cell. When Eddie’s suit comes back to him, he drops his offspring on the ground. Cletus being Cletus renounces the rule of five seconds and with the loose baby becomes Carnage in the process. The rest is history.

So yes, Carnage is the son of Venom.

6. More symbionts than you might expect

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews

Venom, Carnage, and Anti-Venom are the most famous symbionts, but did you know there were more? Everyone with their style, personality and comic?

When Brock renounced the symbiote’s first control (reluctantly), a government organization known as the Vida Foundation extracted five parts of the alien, choosing names like Scream, Lasher, Phage, Riot, and Agony. With the help of Spider-Man, again it is worth saying, Venom would destroy the aberrant clones, reiterating the supremacy of the original costume and something else.

Others could also take control of the main symbiote from time to time, including Ann Weying (Venom’s girlfriend) and Patricia Robertson. However, the costume seems to have a habit of going back to Brock, and with the film supposedly aimed at this plot, do not be surprised to see a lot of symbionts on the big screen in the future.

7. Venom is an outcast of his kind

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews

The symbiotes, also known as the Klyntar, were not that bad, to begin with. In fact, they were quite benevolent and sought a way to diversify and protect the universe from the threats that disturbed them, founding the Cosmos Agents in the process.

As was the case with the symbiote that joins Peter Parker. However, they could also change, and in fact, the suit that is linked to Pete was originally an outcast of the Klyntar Empire.

Venom was originally selected to be an Agent of the Cosmos, but the host he joins turned out to be something like a rotten egg and uses the suit to raze his planet. Next, Venom ended up corrupted and exiled from the symbiote hive, only to be awakened by Peter Parker during the events of Secret Wars.

8. Flash Thompson became a Guardian of the Galaxy

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews

Returning to the idea of the Klyntar being a force for good, Brian Bendis took the courageous decision to take Flash Thompson, unite him to Venom, and turn him into a Guardian of the Galaxy.

It was incredible.

The material that had been done with Thompson up to that moment was ingenious, with Rick Remender giving the character a foray into clandestine operations for the US government. For Flash especially it was brilliant, the heroic acts of the characters had always been inspired by Spider-Man; giving him the opportunity to do the right thing with a Venom-like motive that just seemed to make a lot of sense.

The Avengers chose Thompson, a former member of the Secret Avengers, as part of the Guardians so the two groups could maintain close contact, and while the Abuser might seem like a strange member in the group, the myths created by Bendis lent to the series an organic sensation.

The character was also the subject of a short-lived solo series called Venom: Space Knight.

9. Deadpool was the original host of Earth … Supposedly

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews

Although it is a movement seemingly forced by the myth of Bendis created in Guardians, it is an interesting prospect to keep in mind: what if Deadpool returned to the evil symbiote?

In the third issue of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, the writer Cullen Bunn reconnected the mercenary’s participation in the eighties to the comic event and saw the character use the machine that Spidey uses to obtain the black suit during that same series. Upon perceiving the danger represented by the symbiote, Wade immediately leaves the machine, leaving Spidey to continue where he left off.

The idea here is that Wade was the one who corrupted Venom, and it’s very interesting to consider it that way. Mercenario Bocazas would encounter different symbionts over the years, but this initial, tenuous interaction turned it into a fun moment in an equally entertaining series.

10. Venomsaurus takes the award to the strange and amazing

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Venom That You Didn't Know - ebuddynews

Just in case you wonder why Fox did not do a page by page adaptation of Old Man Logan, here’s a reason.

The comic, while a masterpiece, is easily surpassed by its counterpart on the big screen. However, what it does have is Venomsaurus, a wild land where a T-Rex is controlled by the Venom symbiote.

Just look at that thing. Likewise, a T-Rex by itself is scary enough, but adding the symbiote to that species is incredibly more chilling, and somewhat excessive. Nobody denies that this makes it a great show, but who would have thought that Venom had been a symbiote that assumes a nonhuman host?

While it is away from the mainstream Marvel, it was made for what is, possibly, the coolest glimpse that ever existed of Venom, and which can now be found in the pages of the Venomverse.

So we come to the end of this work, but not before promising you that we will have new curiosities, different characters, universes, editorials, so be alert to the news that we will be presenting in the following weeks.

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