Best Smartphones Are Available Less Than $170 Dollars

Best Smartphones Are Available Less Than $170 Dollars ebuddynews

Choosing smartphones is not always as easy as it seems. There are more and more phones on the market and the differences are much harder to see. Do you have 170 dollars for your new smartphones and do not know what to choose? We tell you what is your best option and other alternatives.

The best: Xiaomi Redmi 4X

Xiaomi announced this morning the entire line of products that will arrive in the USA. Undoubtedly, the Xiaomi Redmi 4X becomes the best mobile you can buy for less than 170 dollars.

Best Smartphones Are Available Less Than $170 Dollars ebuddynews

With Snapdragon 435 processor and 4100 mAh battery, not only do we have an acceptable performance, but we have one of the best autonomies that can be had in a mobile phone, with no more than two days of moderate use.

Another of its virtues is its fingerprint reader, located in the back, something rare in this price. On the other hand, it also has a metallic body, although its construction quality is not that it stands out very much.

The best: Battery, fingerprint reader, memory.

The worst: The MIUI customization layer may not like you. You probably do not get Android 8.0 Oreo.

Your best alternative: Moto G4

Motorola is for many undisputed leader in the mid-range. His Moto G usually dominates the 232 dollars band during the year that is released, and when a new model comes out, the next one usually receives an interesting discount.

Best Smartphones Are Available Less Than $170 Dollars ebuddynews

Currently, it is at a price of around 172 dollars. There is no doubt about it if for 232 dollars last year we thought it was a high-quality mobile phone, with this reduction it still seems very good. The worst thing about this mobile is that you will not receive Android 8.0.

The best: Very good screen and performance.

The worst: It has no fingerprint reader, it may not receive many updates.

Other smartphones to consider

Have you not been convinced by any of our best alternatives? Are you looking for smartphones with more screen and have a guarantee? Are you tired of the usual designs? We recommend these other phones.

BQ Aquaris U Lite

BQ is another company that is doing great in this sector with Android Puro phones, something that allows us to get a good performance even in modest terminals.

Best Smartphones Are Available Less Than $170 Dollars ebuddynews

Although the BQ U2 will be presented during the next few days, the BQ Aquaris U Lite is still a terminal that we recommend without hesitation. It is slightly inferior in almost every respect to the Motorola terminal, but it still complies and has a more compact size.

The best: Updates and performance.

The worst: It has no fingerprint reader.

Nokia 3

The Finnish company returned to Android in style with a complete line of products. The Nokia 3 is the most affordable of these terminals, and although we expected much more of it, it is a highly recommended mobile for the range in which it is located.

Best Smartphones Are Available Less Than $170 Dollars ebuddynews

It offers us a good design that feels very solid in the hand, as well as a quite clean Android experience, with security updates and promises to receive Android 8.0 Oreo before the end of the year. On the other hand, it is less powerful than its rivals, so we do not recommend it if your goal is to play on your mobile.

The best: Construction quality, updates.

The worst: Performance too modest.

Energy Sistem Max 2+

Energy Sistem is a Spanish company that has always been there, and that sometimes surprises with good models. The Energy Phone 2 Max + is one of those terminals that will delight those who seek the best multimedia experience at a contained price.

Best Smartphones Are Available Less Than $170 Dollars ebuddynews

With a system of a double loudspeaker and 5.5-inch screen, in addition to a generous battery of 3 500 mAh, it is the ideal mobile for those who spend the day watching videos on their mobile. On the other hand, it has no update to Nougat, nor does it have the power to match its rivals.

The best: Screen size, sound, and good battery.

The worst: Justito in power and updates.

I can spend a little more: Moto G4 Plus

Best Smartphones Are Available Less Than $170 Dollars ebuddynews

If you can extend your limit twenty-three dollars more and the Xiaomi Redmi 4X does not convince you, your best option is the Moto G4 Plus. One of the best mid-range phones last year, and which is still very competitive after its price reduction.

The best: Camera, performance, upgrade to Oreo.

The worst: Design.

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