How To Know That Who Blocked You On Instagram

How To Know That Who Blocked You On Instagram ebuddynews

Instagram has become one of the most powerful social networks today to the detriment of others like Snapchat. And it is not for less because it includes a great amount of functionalities that make the delights of the majority of people. Some time ago we published a series of Instagram tricks, and this time we will answer one of the most asked questions by its users: how to know who has blocked me on Instagram.

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Have I been blocked on Instagram?

One of the most heard questions on social networks. Although it has an easy answer, it is advisable to make sure before taking the block as a given, since the user in question may have deleted his account. Next, we will show you three ways to know if you have blocked us on Instagram.

How To Know That Who Blocked You On Instagram ebuddynews

Search the user from your account

The simplest way to check it. Simply find the name of the user in the Instagram search through our account to see if this has blocked us. If no result is shown or is not what we expected, surely you have blocked us permanently. In the event that we have agreed to a mention of the account and we are shown a message similar to “No publications yet,” we can confirm it irremediably.

Search for shared direct messages

A secure method to confirm the user’s block to our account is to see the direct messages we have shared with that person. If these are not shown in the list of Direct messages, the user has blocked us. In the event that you unblock-us later, they will be shown again in the message list.

How To Know That Who Blocked You On Instagram ebuddynews

Search the user from another account or from the browser

Are you still not sure if a certain user has blocked you? You just have to look for it from another Instagram account or through the incognito mode of Google Chrome to check its existence. If the photos and videos uploaded by the same or the private account lock are shown, we would finally confirm the one we had been weighing since the beginning of the article.

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