Causes For Kidney Stones

Do you drink sufficient water? Low fluid intake is the biggest risk issue for kidney stones. The kidneys have many important functions, as well as filtering out wastes and excess fluids from the blood and body, producing urine.

Numerous dissolved  minerals, salts, and other products, including phosphate, calcium,  uric acid or urate, cystine, and xanthine, are eliminated from the body through urine. However, if there’s an imbalance in the levels of those substances, and there are high concentrations of them in insufficient  fluid, crystals will begin to form in the kidneys (a process called nephrolithiasis).

The crystals will attract and mix with different products and chemicals to form a solid mass — a urinary calculus. Some kidney stones are no larger than a grain of sand and pass out of your body while not trouble.

However, different stones grow to become pebble-sized or larger (the largest kidney stones are often the size of golf balls). These big stones can stagger in the urinary tract and block the flow of urine.

Causes Of Kidney Stone Formation

Dehydration and Diet in Kidney Stone
Dehydration and low fluid intake is the biggest risk factor for kidney stones. Stones are more seemingly to make if you turn out but one litre of urine per day, according to the National Institutes of Health(NIH).

This is because there’s less fluid available to dissolve the waste products in the excretory organ, permitting them to more simply form stones and crystals.

Accordingly, your risk of developing excretory organ stones could increase in hot weather (such as throughout summer) and during bouts of frequent or intense exercise, because of increased  fluid loss from sweating.

Diet also additionally plays a crucial role in the improvement of kidney stones. Especially, following a diet very high in salt or protein might increase your risk of kidney stones.

In addition, you furthermore have a greater risk of kidney stones if you’ve a low dietary calcium intake. In a large 2013 study in the Journal of urology, researchers found that both dairy as well as nondairy sources of dietary calcium lower renal calculus risk.

Interestingly, however, calcium (and vitamin D) supplements seem to increase urinary calculus risk, in line with the 2012 report.

Risk Factors Of Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones Risk FactorsCertain medicines are known  to raise your risk of kidney stones, including:

  • Topiramate (Topamax), a drug to treat seizures
  • Indinavir (Crixivan), an HIV medication
  • Calcium-based antacids
  • Diuretics

You may also have an increased  risk of kidney stones if you have one or more of the following conditions, some of that are hereditary:

  • Gout
  • Urinary tract blockage
  • Conditions marked by chronic elevated levels of calcium, oxalate, amino acid, or uric acid  in the urine
  • Hyperparathyroidism, a condition in which there is excessive parathormone in the blood, leading to high calcium levels
  • A family history of kidney stones
  • Conditions that cause chronic intestine inflammation
  • Obesity
  • Multiple surgeries of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Cystic kidney diseases that cause cysts (fluid-filled sacs) to develop on the kidneys
  • Renal cannular acidosis, a disease that ultimately leads to high blood acidity


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